Today I’m going to go through a 400m speed session that will be most beneficial for athletes racing anywhere between 800m and 3,000m. It consists of completing between 5 and 10 reps of 400m.

Each rep is to be completed faster than race pace, with 3 minutes recovery between reps. Adjust the number of 400’s depending on how fit you are and how you are feeling during the session. Longer middle distance athletes will benefit more from doing close to 10 reps of 400m.

  • For 800m runners, at least 3 seconds quicker than race pace per 400m is ideal.
  • For 1500m runners, at least 5 seconds quicker than race pace per 400m is ideal.
  • For 3000m runners, at least 7 – 8 seconds quicker than race pace per 400m is ideal.

Do each 400m fast and focus on maintaining good form. Try to stay consistent for every single one, if you don’t manage then don’t worry, because by the next time you do a session like this, hopefully, your muscles will have adapted slightly to perform better.

3 minutes recovery should be enough to allow your body to have recovered for another fast 400m, but you can extend the recovery up to 4 minutes if you feel like the extra time will allow you to execute each 400m at a fast enough pace. Only do this if you happen to be struggling though.

If you want to make it harder, add up to 10 plyometric jumps over medium size┬áhurdles between each 400m. This will help work on your explosive leg power, just make sure to land on your toes and really ‘explode’ up with your legs, bringing your knees up to your waist.

That’s all for this session. Have you done a session similar or will you be trying this one out? Let me know down below!