It’s no secret that as humans, we must act promptly if we are to save our planet. We’ve got to think about the electricity, gas and water we use – and not just that, but the materials used in the products we buy. As it’s Earth Day (22nd April) then I thought I’d do a little post on how runners can help the Earth.

How Runners Can Help The Earth

#1 – Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles

If you’re a runner you probably drink a fair bit of water whilst out and about running and training. One of the best things you can do is to stop using plastic water bottles (I’m talking about the disposable ones) and swap it with a sports water bottle or a metallic one. However, if you tend to find yourself always using disposable plastic water bottles out of convenience, then there is a second best option…

#2 – Reuse Plastic Water Bottles

Yes, that’s right! The second best option is to reuse plastic water bottles. I must admit, I tend to do this myself often reusing the same disposable plastic water bottle for at least a month before I somehow lose it and replace it with another plastic water bottle. Simply by reusing your plastic water bottle, you can help the Earth by reducing the amount of plastic waste!

#3 – Use Powdered Sports Drinks

On a similar note, every time you buy that sports drink such as Lucozade, Gatorade and Powerade (I don’t blame you, they do taste nice!) then that’s potentially another plastic bottle going to the landfill. Consider a powdered sports drink like this Gatorade powder – it will give you 5 litres worth of nutrition (all the various minerals) found in Gatorade for £11 without the 10 or so plastic bottles going to waste!

#4 – Don’t Litter

Whilst you’re on the run, try to resist the urge to drop that energy gel sachet you used and wait to find a bin – or hold on the rubbish till the end of the run. Whatever the case, try not to litter or bring some sort of little running pouch which you can put your on-the-run rubbish in.

#5 – Donate Old Running Gear

If you’ve got some old running gear that doesn’t fit you, consider donating it to charity or list them on This will allow someone else to make use of your old running gear and will save them the money and help the environment.

#6 – Recycle Running Shoes

If you’ve outrun and worn down your running shoes and no longer want them, consider recycling them at your local tip or donating them to another runner or any person who’d be willing to wear them and grateful to have them.

#7 – Run Locally

Instead of driving to the trail 10 miles away to go for your run, see if you can run locally. This will spare you the cost of petrol, save you time and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

#8 – Reduce Food Waste

It’s no secret that many runners love to eat (maybe that’s why some of us like to run!). Try to do your bit and reduce food waste either by preparing or ordering a meal which will be of a suitable portion for you to eat or storing leftovers in the fridge for the following days. Many leftovers can easily be used to cook up another meal. If dining out, consider asking if you can take the food away since they’re only going to throw anything you leave on your plate into the bin.

#9 – Pick Up Waste On The Trail

If you’re lucky enough to have a fairly quiet running trail nearby consider picking up waste that you see whilst you’re running. This will not only make the trail better for yourself and other users but improve the area for local wildlife.

#10 – Make Your Running Gear Last Longer

Try to make your running gear last longer before it gets worn out and you decide to donate it. Many running clothes are made out of technical fabrics which don’t do so well in the dryer. After being washed try letting your running gear dry naturally in order to get as much use out of it as possible.

What did you think of these suggestions? Do you have any tips on how runners can help the Earth? If you enjoyed this post, please share with others!