It’s not always easy to fit in exercise or to run when you’re busy, but one of the great things about running is that you can do it practically anywhere as long as you can stand on your own two feet! For those who are pressed for time or are struggling to maintain fitness during hectic periods of work, stress and life, here are some suggestions for how to run when you’re busy!

5 Ways To Run When You’re Busy

Run Commute To Work

If you’re lucky enough to live fairly close to work you could consider doing a run commute to work. Some advanced runners do this as a strategy to squeeze in runs during busy work schedules and to up their mileage. It’s particularly beneficial for saving time when the route to work is full of traffic. You could even drive half the distance and run the rest of the way to work.

This idea is best for moderately paced jogs where you don’t mind stopping during your run to wait for traffic. If you’re able to shower at work in the mornings and have a spare change of clothes (bring a running bag or have them at work) then this might be a good idea to consider.

Try Doing Sprints

Sprints can be a short, intense beneficial way of maintaining fitness when you’re busy. They can be done in the form of short sprints with long recoveries or even in the form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Sprints can be done in a short period of time (less than 20 minutes, maybe even 10 minutes if you’re pressed for time) and can help to ensure your legs remember to apply a high amount of force to the ground and can develop both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

If you’re doing sprints, ideally you want to do them shortly before a meal as you don’t want to be running at high intensities with food in your stomach. Keep the sprints no longer than 30 seconds, rest and then sprint when you feel good to go again.

Consider Fasting

For some, eating and meal prepping can take up a fair bit of time during the day. If you’re able to, you could consider fasting and skip breakfast. During the time you would be having breakfast, you could get a run or training session done and on the way to work, you could have a little snack like a whey protein shake, a handful of nuts and a banana to keep you satiated till lunch.

Plan Your Day

The day before, try and structure the day coming in terms of what you’re doing for how long, how feasible it is to exercise and the time available to you. Figure out where you’ll have free blocks of time and where you can ‘push together’ blocks of time where you’re busy to make more free time to run and exercise.

Keep Running Gear With You

Sometimes you will spontaneously find out that you have time to run. Maybe a work colleague is sick or busy elsewhere and that means you can’t get the task assigned to you completed giving you some more time to run. Or maybe you’re given a longer break than usual which means you have enough time to squeeze in a solid run on the treadmill at a nearby gym and get changed back into work attire. If you keep some form of running gear with you (shirt, shorts and shoes) then you’ll be able to take advantage of these opportunities when they are thrown at you by surprise.

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