Time for me to start getting back into winter training after an off season break. It’s time for a bit of structure and consistency in my training to build up the endurance and strength to carry me throughout the year with lots of easy runs and core routines to work on strength. I hope that I can develop a strong aerobic base which can give me some good results in the upcoming cross country and track races next year!


AM: 3km morning run
PM: 5km steady jog, followed by running drills, weights and then press and sit (a routine where I do ten sets of ten push ups and twenty crunches).

The weights were the hard part of my session today, although I was only using a 20kg bar, some of the exercises I was doing I couldn’t manage 20 reps in one go. Some of the exercises I had were:

  • Shoulder shrugs (forwards)
  • Shoulder shrugs (backwards)
  • Forwards Barbell Press
  • Back barbell press
  • Lifting the bar from waist to upper chest

After that, I had my push ups and sit ups in a pre-fatigued state from the weights which made it more difficult and I was done for the day.


A bit of monotony starts to come into my training now for the rest of the week as I start to build a solid foundation for my aerobic base.

AM: Press and sit followed by 30 min morning run (5.8km)
PM: Gonzo (a term used to define an exercise where I do ten sets of ten reps of tuck jumps, squat thrusts and burpees as quickly as possible)


AM: Press and sit, 30 min morning run (6.1km) followed by gonzo.>PM: 8km steady run with 8 x 45 second surges mixed in

By this point already, my legs were beginning to ache from the tuck jumps, squat thrusts and burpees, but since the runs were to be done at sub-maximal pace I was fine.


AM: Press and sit, gonzo, then 30 min morning run (6.2km)
PM: 1km easy running

Whilst I have managed to run pretty consistently without pushing myself too much, the run was a bit harder today since I did it after the explosive leg work (which I later found out is the order it was supposed to be done in). I’ve found that my body is starting to get used to the new routine because despite not wanting to do it, I managed just fine.


AM: Press and sit, gonzo, then 31 min morning run (6.4km)
PM: 2km easy run


AM: Press and sit, gonzo followed by 8km morning run (35:18) with 4 sets of 100m strides and 1km cool down.


AM: 10km steady run (43 mins)
PM: Press and sit, gonzo and a 2km jog

I’ve felt pretty comfortable on my steady runs, keeping my heart rate between 140 and 165 bpm and I’m enjoying them. Press and sit and gonzo in the morning can be harder both mentally and physically since I struggle more with them, but it feels good once I get them out of the way.

How was your week training? Let me know down below!