This week I was going to be staying down in London with my coach so I was looking forward to a difference in training. It was likely to be lower in quantity and higher in quality. After seeing Max Burgin run 1:45.36 yesterday in the 800m final, I was even more inspired to run faster than ever!

Monday – Hills

Today was a short sharp session of 10 hill reps ranging from 3 to 10 seconds with a 1 km warm up.

Tuesday – Long Hilly Run

Today’s long run was done at Hainault Forest Country Park, starting at 7 am. It had been raining the previous night so it was fairly muddy and we started off running at a fairly slow pace, running 6’31” for the first kilometre. After that, the run progressed faster to between 4’30” and 5′ per kilometre for most of it on average. It was very muddy and hilly, and whenever we were in the forest, I was trying to ensure I was running on stable ground. It was a good solid 10.8 km run in 53’46”.

Wednesday – Fartlek And Gym Session

In the morning, I did a 1.6 km jog warm up. The fartlek session was 8 x unknown reps. All I knew was that the reps would range from anywhere between 15 seconds and 1’45”. The recovery was around 1 minute on average. It was a pretty tough session not knowing when the whistle would blow to stop running, especially on the 7th rep where I went out hard and ended up running for 1’45” – that was a killer. I finished off with 4 x 100m strides.

In the afternoon I went to the gym to do some lifting. After doing a little warm up with just the lifting bar I began my session:

  • 20 x 40kg cleans
  • 20 x 60kg deadlifts
  • 20 x 40kg cleans
  • 20 x 60kg deadlifts
  • Press and sit (total 100 press ups and 200 crunches)
  • 50 half pull ups

I had 5 minutes recovery between each of these exercises and altogether it took me 23’59” excluding the breaks. It was a very tough session and definitely taxed my body, but I was glad to complete it and get it over with.

Thursday – Pull Ups And Sprint Technique

This morning, I walked to the park and my morning session was to complete 50 pull ups as quickly as possible. I managed to do them all in 6’33”. After doing ten in the first set, the rest of the sets were broken up into 3 pull ups and 2 pull ups.

In the afternoon I had a track session. After 2 laps of jogging and 2 laps of jogging the bends and striding the straights, I did a few warm up drills before starting my session with my coach observing me. I did a few 40m runs starting off slowly and picking up speed whilst trying to keep my arms going backwards and forwards (not twisting sideways) to use my energy more efficiently.

Shortly after, I put my spikes on and repeated the same exercise in spikes before doing 4 x 40m flat out sprints in spikes with good technique. To finish off I did a 100m and 150m sprint and 2 laps of strides.

Friday – Rest Day

I could feel my legs were still sore from the lifting on Wednesday as well as the sprints so I had a rest day today. I went out for a short walk in the morning and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Saturday – Race Day

In the morning I went out for a very gentle 4 km jog. I had a 400m race today, but it didn’t go too well. I could feel my legs were still tired from the weights session on Wednesday and I ended up running between 60 and 61 seconds. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the timing so my results couldn’t be validated.

Sunday – Race Day

Today I did a 100m and 200m race in Bexley as a guest. Both races were hand timed and I feel like they were slower than I expected – not just for me, but all the other runners. Next time I’ll be sure to get in a race which is electronically timed to get a more accurate time. I ran 14.4 seconds for 100m (I was very sure it was 13.XX) and 28.3 seconds for the 200m.

Weekly Mileage: 29.5 km / 18.3 miles

How was your training this week?