It’s almost Christmas and my training will be tapering off shortly in order to allow myself to recover during the Christmas break. Until then (or about the 27th December) I’ll still be training hard!

Note:¬†” = seconds and ‘ = minutes

Monday – Steady Run

AM: steady 10 km run in 44’07” with a couple of strides at the end.

Tuesday – Short Tempo + Hills

AM: 3.8 km jog warm up followed by drills and strides. I then joined in with a group doing a 1.9 km tempo (6’20”) followed by 15 short hill sprints (about 110m) with a jog down recovery which was approximately 75″.

  1. 24″8
  2. 24″5
  3. 25″9
  4. 24″6
  5. 24″3
  6. 24″3
  7. 24″4
  8. 24″5
  9. 23″4
  10. 23″9
  11. 24″2
  12. 24″4
  13. 24″9
  14. 24″7
  15. 24″0

I then finished off with a 4 km jog cool down.

Wednesday – Steady Run

Christmas day! But still running for me!

AM: I went out for a steady 8 miles / 12.8 km run with Harry Brodie averaging 4’28” per km.

Thursday – Tempo Run

I was genuinely planning on resting today since I was under the impression there was no club/group training today until I got a message last night that there was a small group of lads training. I couldn’t resist even though they were all much fitter than me and I joined in for a tempo.

AM: 4 km jog warm up followed by some drills before starting a 9.6 km tempo run which averaged 3’40” per km. We then finished off with a 4.8 km jog cool down.

Honestly, though I wasn’t sure I was going to last and I was thinking of dropping off at 4 or 5 km into the tempo. However, 6 km in, I found a second wind at around 6 km in and with the encouragement of the other lads I managed to push through.

Friday – Steady Run

A steady run with some of the Bedford boys this morning averaging 4’13” per km for 10.3 km.

Saturday – Rest

Today my family was flying off to Denmark to visit family and friends so I took it as an opportunity to rest.

Sunday – Easy Run

In the morning I did an easy 7.2 km run. My legs were feeling a bit tired and heavy and I’m planning on taking it easy until next Saturday apart from a local 5km race in Herning, Denmark which I’ve decided to take part in!

Weekly Mileage: 74.6 km / 46.3 miles

How was your training this week?