My hamstrings felt very sore from sprinting the past two days so I started this week off with a recovery day.

Monday – Recovery Run

I did a very gentle recovery run, doing 2km in around 11 minutes in the morning. Nothing hard, just to keep the legs ticking over and so mentally I feel like I’m doing something.

Tuesday – 600m Repeats

(Note that ” = seconds and ‘ = minutes)

In the afternoon I did a 4km jog warm-up followed by drills and two acceleration runs over 50m. My session today was 4 x 600m with 6′ recovery. I definitely felt confident about hitting the target set by my coach which was 1’45” per 600m although my legs felt a bit tight from the sprints and weights training last weekend. My times were:

  • 1’41.43″
  • 1’42.84″
  • 1’43.42″
  • 1’48.29″

As you can see, all good until the last rep! And I could feel it coming. I focused on trying to maintain good running form for the first 300m and if possible till the end of the rep. After each 600m I could feel my legs suffering a bit more – I don’t want to say I knew I was going to run my last rep a lot slower, but I think it would be a lot harder to make my legs to run as fast. I’m pleased with the session either way and I finished off with a 1.8km cooldown.

Wednesday – Easy Run, Core Work And Hill Sprints

In the morning I did 20 minutes of easy jogging covering 4km with 2 strides afterwards. My stomach has been feeling a bit unwell recently so I had a bit of a stitch during the whole run which wasn’t pleasant.

Shortly after the run, I had some core work to do consisting of:

  • 9 minute rotational plank (start with forward plank and keep rotating until you’re doing forward plank for the 3rd time)
  • 30 press ups
  • 9 variations of 20 crunches totalling 180 movements
  • Variations of back hyperextensions
  • Side plank with glute and hip flexor work

In the afternoon I did a very short session sprint session consisting of a few drills before proceeding onto 4 x 5 second sprints with 2 – 3 minutes recovery.

Thursday – Steady Run

In the afternoon I went for a steady run with my friend Harry Brodie, doing a nice loop out into the countryside which covered 9.6 km or 6 miles. We ran at a comfortable pace for 43 minutes.

Friday – Weights And Accelerations

After school, I went down to the track and jogged 4 laps before doing some running drills. Then I progressed to do a warm up with a 20kg bar before going onto perform the following exercises:

  • Hanging cleans (2 x 40kg, 1 x 50kg, 3 x 55kg, 3 x 60kg)
  • Romanian deadlifts (3 sets of 3 x 100kg)
  • Snatch (3 x 35kg)
  • Back squat (3 x 100kg)
  • Pull-ups (5 sets of 5)

I started off slowly with the hanging cleans to ease into the movement and finished off with a new personal best of 60kg, so I was really happy with that. For the snatch, my form wasn’t very good although I managed to maintain good posture for the other exercises.

To finish off I had some accelerations consisting of 4 x 40m and a 1.8km jog cool down.

Saturday – Speed Endurance

I went to my club training this morning. I knew that it would be a speed endurance session, but since I’ve only just started doing speed endurance work, I didn’t have many expectations for myself before the session. It was so windy though, it was almost unbelievable and made the session even more challenging. The wind was against us at speeds of 46 km/h on the last 100m of each lap.

We started off with a 3.5 km jog warm up and did some drills and strides before the main track session which was 2 sets of: 300m, 400m x 2, 300m and 200m.

For the first set my times were:

  • 300m (51.75″) [45″ recovery]
  • 400m (68.86″) [1″ recovery]
  • 400m (72.23″) [1′ recovery]
  • 300m (54.62″) [45″ recovery]
  • 200m (33.44″) [10′ recovery before 2nd set]

My times for the second set were as follows:

  • 300m (49.16″) [45″ recovery]
  • 400m (71.03″) [1″ recovery]
  • 400m (77.00″) [1′ recovery]
  • 300m (57.02″) [45″ recovery]
  • 200m (36.49″)

I was actually pleased with the session because I really felt I gave it my all and tried hard on every single rep, even if some were rather slow although that was partly due to the strong wind. We finished off the session with a 3.5 km cool down.

Sunday – Speedwork

In the morning I went out for an easy 4km jog followed by some running drills. Shortly after I drove to the athletics track for a sprint session. After the warm-up there, I had 4 x 45m accelerations on the bend before 2 sets of 250m followed by 200m with 1-minute recovery between reps and 10 minutes recovery between sets. The 250m rep was to be done at tempo pace with the last 200m flat out.

  • 250m – 41.38″
  • 200m – 28.48″
  • 250m – 42.94″
  • 200m – 28.58″

I was pretty pleased with my 200m times today and I think it certainly shows that I should be able to beat my official 200m best of 28.18″ which I hope to do in my next race! I finished off with some strength work and a 1.8km jog cool down.

Weekly Mileage: 48.6 km / 30.2 miles

How was your training this week? Let me know down below!