This week has felt alright in terms of performance and training.

Tuesday – Speed

Our session was one light in mileage, but high in quality and exhaustion. I had 2 sets of 4 x 200m with 30 seconds recovery between reps and 8 minutes recovery between sets. It was fast and intense, and the short recovery made it deadly. My times for both sets were around the same:

  • 200m (29 seconds)
  • 200m (30 seconds)
  • 200m (31 seconds)
  • 200m (30 seconds)

It was a very tough session with the short recoveries. I would have liked a bit longer so that I could have run each rep a bit faster in order to work on my speed more, regardless I was happy with my session. At the end, my legs felt shaky in a strange sort of way, so I’m sure I worked myself hard and ran fast enough to make the most of the training.

Wednesday – Speed Endurance

Today’s session was 2 x 800m. It didn’t sound bad with ten minutes rest in between but the first 400m of the first 800m, my target was to go through in 61 seconds and then finish the 800m as fast as I could regardless of how much I slowed down on the second lap.

My times were:

  • 800m (2:23) [400m – 66 seconds] [400m – 77 seconds]
  • 800m (2:24) [400m – 68 seconds] [400m – 76 seconds]

I didn’t manage to hit 61 seconds on the first lap. I was at 200m in just over 30 seconds and then I began to slow down completely for the first 800m. I guess my legs were still feeling it from yesterday. Despite not going as fast as I wanted, doing back to back speed sessions on track is tough and I made sure to finish each rep hard.

Friday – Tempo Run

I had an 8km tempo run to be completed in the morning. It was to be run that way because, in some races, you have to start early, but it was also supposed to be a challenge mentally.

It went nowhere near as well as it went last week, and I was probably a bit dehydrated going into the run as I didn’t drink much water after waking up. I was out at the park at 5:30 am to start. My first kilometre was 3:37 min/km and from there my times got more or less progressively slower till I finished with a 3:48 min/km average to complete my 8km tempo run in 30:30.

It certainly wasn’t easy, and I wasn’t too pleased but I think it is still quicker than the pace I was running half a year ago on some of my evening tempo runs (where it is much easier to run faster as your body has fully woken up). After completing this session, I’m not too sure how my race on Sunday will go. As much as I’d like a personal best, this run may have fatigued my legs a bit much.

Sunday – Race Day

Today’s races at the 2nd YDL in Bromley¬†went very well for me with an 8.5 second pb in the 1500m and a 5.1 second pb in the 800m. I’m definitely feeling stronger and faster and I can feel there is a lot more to come. I haven’t managed to do a race which has drained me completely, to the point I’m flat on the floor and that tells me I have a lot more to give.

Final Thoughts

Altogether, despite not having the best week training on Wednesday and Friday I’m surprised with how well I performed on Sunday. I’m definitely excited for the rest of the season after the encouraging race results today. Hopefully this will give me the confidence boost to go further and faster!

How was your week training? Let me know down below!