This will be the third week going into my injury since resting it, but I’m going to stay positive and keep doing what I can to stay fit. It’s difficult, but I’m motivated and I’ll use the opportunity to strengthen my weaknesses.

Note: ” = seconds and ‘ = minutes

The Week As A Whole

Still, no running for me this week although I’ve been keeping myself busy by continuing to do this lockdown core circuit every day apart from Saturday where I did a workout focused around abs and another workout focused on legs.

On Sunday I decided to rest completely as I was particularly sore from the circuits on Saturday and I struggle at resting so I knew I needed to give my body a rest – particularly as my left forearm was now hurting for some reason.

I did 2 x 20 km bike rides on Tuesday and Friday. The pain is my foot seems to have gone now when I walk – hooray! But it’s still there if I try and jog or run.

Training Thoughts

I’m feeling optimistic that I’ll be able to get back to running in the next two weeks and I’ll continue thinking positive and keep myself busy and active by cycling, going for walks and doing bodyweight circuits!

Weekly Mileage:  0 km + 40 km cycling

How was your training this week?