This week has been alright at training, not the best week or the worst. But I know my work will pay off in the end.

Monday – Long Hill Sprints

After a 30 minute jog warm up followed by drills I proceeded to do 2 sets of 5 long hills, each hill taking just under 90 seconds. There was a total of 23m of elevation and the length of the hill was about 380m altogether. My times ranged from 84 seconds to 89 seconds. Between each hill I had 5 minutes recovery and between sets 10 minutes recovery. It truly was a brutal session.

Tuesday – Strength Work and Sprints

I did some work with medicine balls today, doing chest passes, twisters, lunges and some other exercises all to work the other parts of my core in different ways to how I would when I run. It helped further activate my glutes, obliques, abdominals, quadriceps and hamstrings. After that, I did 2 sets of 10 x 120m sprints/strides. For the first set at the end of each odd number sprint, it was 10 push ups and jog back and then 20 sit ups at the end of each even number sprint and so on.

After the first set it was 5 minutes recovery and then for each odd sprint I had ten tuck jumps to do and at the end of each even sprint it was 10 squat thrusts. My times ranged from 18 seconds to 16.2 seconds which is between 13.5 and 15 second 100m pace. I tried to focus on keeping my form upright and vertical, really working on my glutes and hamstrings.

Thursday – Middle Distance Repeats

I had 2 x 700m followed by 4 x 250m today. The 700m were to be done at a target pace of 1:51 which is 64 seconds per lap. Regardless of whether I could hit the time or not, I had to try and sustain the pace for as long as possible.

It didn’t go as well as planned, with me managing to stay on target for 300m and falling slightly behind at 400m when I ran back into a strong headwind on the back straight. I tried to push on and ended up with 2:00 for my first 700m. The second 700m was a bit worse at 2:03, but since the first 700m repeat was actually only slightly slower than pb pace it wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t pleased despite knowing it was my best effort.

Saturday – Parkrun

It was my first time doing a parkrun since 2016 so part of me was excited. My pb on track was 16:34 so I told myself I’d give myself at least an extra minute and have that as my target since the course wasn’t completely flat and I still felt a bit fatigued from Thursday’s session.

I went off far too quickly at the start. I was completely surprised by the starting pace of all the older and younger runners, so in an attempt not to get stuck behind them and have to cut down my stride I broke away with the lead pack (a mistake) and ended up running the first 200m or so at 14:10, 5km pace. I paid for it though.

My first km was a 3:30 and it felt harder than it should’ve been. Fortunately, although I was running by myself at that point, I sustained a 3:30 km pace for up to 3km before falling to a 3:35 km. I knew I had to speed up on the last kilometre quite a bit and managed the last kilometre in 3:21 to give myself a winning time of 17:26. It was under 17:30 so I was happy about that.

How was your week running? Did you do a parkrun?