It’s been quite a restful week of running, taking 3 full days off after my 10k race last Saturday and then doing midweek runs at a comfortable pace.

Monday and Tuesday

No running here, just resting after the end of the season in order to prepare for cross country.


I ran 8km, keeping my heart rate within the 150 – 160bpm range at a pace of 4:29 min/km. Ultimately though, I think my desire to do this run was driven by the fact I ate more dark chocolate than I meant to amounting to 100g. Whoops!


Another 8km run today, at the same 150 – 160bpm range to ensure my run was done within the aerobic zone so I didn’t exert myself too much.

Final Thoughts

A very easy week of training for me, I should be getting back into my training more seriously next week and I’m looking forward to that as cross country approaches!

How was your training this week? Let me know down below!