After a weekend of consisting of 5 races from 100m up to 1500m, I was feeling pretty tired so I started off easy this week before getting back into a decent session of 2 x 1k on Tuesday.

Monday – Easy Run

Today I made sure to go easy and did 4 km on the treadmill at a comfortable pace. I felt a bit tired in my legs so I knew it was a good decision to go easy today.

Tuesday – Track Session

In the morning I went out for an easy 4.1 km jog in 20 minutes.

Today’s session was 2 x 1000m with 8 minutes recovery followed by some shorter sprints with 3 minutes recovery. My target was to reach 1,000m before my watch beeped for 3 minutes. As my warm up I did 3 laps of jogging and 2 laps of striding the straights and jogging the bends of the track followed by some hurdle drills and a couple of accelerations over 50m. (Note that ” = seconds and ‘ = minutes) My times were:

  • 1000m – 2’58”, 2’56”
  • 200m – 28.47″
  • 150m – 21.18″
  • 100m – 13.71″

The pace for the 1000m runs felt comfortably hard and I actually enjoyed them once I got into it although I was dreading the session slightly before. It’s definitely given me some confidence for my next 1500m race. I finished off with 3 sets of 8 x 60kg deadlifts and a 2.2 km jog cool down.

Wednesday – Steady Run

In the evening I went for a steady run, but it was at a fairly high intensity averaging 3’54” per kilometre for 11.6 km. I finished the run off with 2 laps of jogging the bends and striding the straights and some core afterwards.

Thursday – Fartlek

In the morning I went out for a 3.6 km jog before beginning my fartlek which consisted of 12 x 200m hard with 90 seconds jog recovery. It was pretty tough, but the pace felt good and hard. Altogether, including the cool down at the end of the fartlek, I covered 14 km.

Friday – Track Session

In the morning I did 5 laps jogging as my warm up before doing my running drills and 6 x 40m accelerations. I quickly started my session since I needed to be off the track as soon as possible. Each rep was flat out.

  • 200m – 27.80″ [2′ recovery]
  • 300m – 44.33″ [2′ recovery]
  • 300m – 47.47″ [6′ recovery]
  • 400m – 64.78″

After that, I had 3 minutes before doing 10 x 100m with 20 seconds recovery. I averaged about 17.2″ for each one. This was probably the hardest bit of the session for me since my legs were so tired from the previous reps.

Altogether it was a decent session although I hoped to run faster on the 300m reps. I finished off with a 3.6 km cool down.

Saturday – Recovery Day

In the morning I went out for an easy 6.4 km jog in 30’30” and in the afternoon I went out for an easy 3.4 km jog in 17′.

Sunday – Strides And Core

In the morning I did an easy 4.1 km jog.

In the afternoon after jogging 1.5 km, I did 10 x 100m strides focusing on form. After each 100m stride, I alternated between doing 10 press ups and 20 ab crunches before jogging back and repeating. To finish off I did a 1.5 km jog cool down.

Weekly Mileage: 69.1 km / 47.4 miles

How was your training this week?