After a lot of hard training, I’m hoping to ease off slightly during training and for a good race at the Southern 12 stage road relays in Milton Keynes! Except unfortunately it got cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak in the UK. Training was now to be done solo, in pairs or small groups and I wasn’t going to let the virus stop me from training hard.

Note:¬†” = seconds and ‘ = minutes

Monday – Steady Run

AM: 8km steady in 37′. I decided by this point that my legs were extremely heavy from running 96 km last week and chose to end it there for the day instead of doing a second run.

Tuesday – Tempo

PM: 3.3 km jog warm up followed by drills and strides before starting a 9 km tempo run. It was hilly and windy and my legs felt rather heavy so it seemed ‘slow’ for a tempo. To finish off, I did a 2.6 km jog cool down.

Wednesday – Rest

I noticed that my ankle seemed a bit ‘off’ in the morning so I decided it would be best to rest it.

Thursday – Rest

I chose to continue resting my ankle today, it didn’t hurt badly but I just wanted to give it time to recover.

Friday – Test Run

Did 8.1 km testing out my ankle in 36’58”. As long as I stick to flat paths I imagine it should be fine.

Saturday – Tempo

I did a 4.4 km jog warm up before doing a 10 km tempo at 3’48” pace per km average and finished with a 4 km jog cool down.

Sunday – Long Run

I did some strides in the morning before doing a hilly 16.1 km long run in 68’33”. Tough, but a good run with 133m elevation.

Weekly Mileage: 74.8 km / 46.5 miles

How was your training this week?