I’ve been aiming at doing another week of high mileage to keep some consistency before dropping the workload down a bit to allow my body to adapt. It certainly has been harder this week since we flew off to Japan on Thursday afternoon and my sleep schedule has been a bit out of place. As a family, we began waking up an hour earlier from Tuesday as it is supposed to help our body adjust to the time zone changes (8 hours difference) and cope with any jet lag. Anyway, here’s how this week’s training went!


AM: 6.5km easy (33:38)
PM: 5km warm up (23:46) with 6 x 100m accelerations. Afterwards, it was a track session (4.9km total) followed by a long 6.6km cool down

The track session was similar to last week’s session with the 800m rep omitted. Between each rep there was a 3 minute recovery in which I had to jog 400m before starting the next rep. Each rep had a target time in which I had to try and hit which I will put in square brackets.
200m (32 seconds) [33 seconds]
400m (71.6 seconds) [72 seconds]
600m (1:41.7) [1:40]
600m (1:50.2) [1:50]
400m (72.1 seconds) [72 seconds]
200m (31.4 seconds) [33 seconds]


I was pretty pleased with the times I achieved, especially the first 600m as I’m feeling semi-fatigued from the high volume of training I’ve been doing.

AM: 7.2km (40:15)
PM: Hilly 9.8km easy (50:40) with 14 reps of 15 second strides uphill and a 2.5km cool down.


AM: 13km easy (70 minutes)
PM: Strength and conditioning

My strength work involved learning how to perform three movements: snatch, clean and jerk. I also did some single leg lunges with 25kg on my back and some front squats on 30kg. Whilst my technique with cleans still requires a lot of work, I managed to clean 40kg which is a personal best and left me feeling powerful so I was really happy with that.


AM: 16.2km relaxed (85 minutes)
PM: Flying off to Japan!


No training today in terms of running or strength work as basic as my press and sit routine.

Pretty much spent the whole day flying, sleeping and watching movies. Landed in the Japan at around 9:40 pm local time! Woo!


AM: 6km morning run (33 mins) + 1.2km running around trying to find my way back (this took another hour!)


AM: 19.8km long steady run (1 hour 38 mins) around Yoyogi Park in Japan (without getting lost!)

Final Thoughts

My efforts were already pretty steady and slow this week which is fine, I have no problems with that. My main hard effort was my session on Monday which I was pleased with as I felt more fatigued from the high mileage the previous week, but actually managed to run my 600m rep slightly faster this week than last week.

It’s going to be a bit more difficult for me to continue my normal running routine whilst I’m out in Japan so I’m going to try spend more time in the mornings doing one long run or training session each day where I can as it is unlikely I will be able to find time in the afternoon to run as we will be out exploring and experiencing Japanese culture!

Weekly Mileage: 101.4km / 63 miles

How was your week training? Let me know down below!