I’ve had a moment where I’ve realised how much I need to work on my speed to actually succeed as a runner because many of my limitations lie in the amount of force I can apply to the ground and the rate of which I can apply it at so there’s been more focus on that this week.

Monday – Easy Run And Accelerations

In the morning I did an easy run covering 4km over 20 minutes. (Note that ” = seconds and ‘ = minutes)

In the afternoon, I focused on accelerations and pure speed. After a 4km jog warm-up, I did 3 sets of:

  • 20m with blocks
  • 40m with blocks
  • 80m with blocks

And I finished off with a 150m run at a fast, controlled pace in 22.01″ before doing 4 laps of easy jogging as a cool down. Then it was to the weights room where I did:

  • 3 sets of 6 x 80kg back squats
  • 3 sets of 5 pull-ups
  • 3 sets of 8 x 70kg deadlifts

To properly finish off the session I did 4 x 100m strides.

Tuesday – Easy Run And 2 x 600m, 200m

Another 20 minutes of easy jogging in the morning covering 4km.

In the afternoon after a 2k warm-up followed by drills and strides I was to run two sets of 600m followed by 200m:

  • 600m – (1’39.32″) [45″ recovery]
  • 200m – (31.55″) [15′ recovery]
  • 600m – (1’40.53″) [45″ recovery]
  • 200m – (33.65″)

I tried to stay relaxed and composed during the 600m runs but struggled to really get up to speed in the 200m with the short recovery. They were the quickest 600m reps I’ve completed in training so far, so that’s a positive note for me although I was hoping to run a bit faster!

Wednesday – Fartlek And Hill Sprints

In the morning I did 10 minutes of easy jogging straight into a fartlek where I ran hard for 1 minute followed by a slow recovery jog for the next minute. I repeated this 10 times, covering anywhere between 310m and 340m during the hard running. It left me knackered. I was hoping to hit the target of covering 350m that my coach set for me.

In the evening I did 4 x 5-second hill sprints with my brother just to try and work a bit more on pure speed.

Thursday – Accelerations

I started the day off with 11 minutes of easy jogging followed by some acceleration runs.

About twenty minutes later, I arrived at the athletics track with my brother to do some accelerations. After a 2 lap jog, we did running drills and 4 accelerations over 30 metres before moving onto the main session of 6 x 60m with 6 minutes recovery.

It sounds like a very long generous recovery, but in order to run flat out and stimulate the body to improve your top speed, the runs need to be short and the recovery long so the body is able to handle another flat out sprint. This type of workout is very taxing on the neuromuscular system.

We ran 3 x 60m on the final straight and 3 x 60m on the bend, starting at 150m. We progressed to weights after where I did:

  • 3 sets of 3 x 50kg hanging cleans
  • 3 sets of 4 x 90kg back squats
  • 3 sets of 5 pull ups
  • 3 sets of 4 x 90kg dead lifts

And we finished off with two 100m strides!

Friday – Long Run

In the morning I went out for a 50-minute long run, covering 10.4 km. It may not be that much of a long run compared to previous runs I’ve done, but given the relative volume of my training recently, I think it counts as a long run! My legs felt rather heavy, but I was able to main a decent pace whilst keeping my heart rate at around 140 bpm. After that, I finished off with a couple of strides.

Saturday – Weights And Accelerations

Today’s session was lifting, so in the morning I did:

  • Back squats (20 x 55kg, 10 x 70kg, 6 x 80kg)
  • Hanging cleans (10 x 30kg, 6 x 40kg, 3 x 50kg)
  • Snatches (10 x 20kg, 6 x 25kg, 3 x 30kg)
  • Pull-ups (total 45 spread through the session)
  • Leg resistance band pulls (20 reps, 15 reps and 10 reps on each leg)
  • Deep squats (3 x 12 x 20kg)
  • Deadlifts (2 x 6 x 60kg followed by 2 x 5 x 80kg)
  • Kneeling nordics (3 x 8)
  • Reverse kneeling nordics (3 x 12)

But then I decided to join in with one of the sprint sessions going on at the track so I ended up doing 8 x 50m with 4 minutes recovery as well. It was a good session although I’m feeling very fatigued from all the lifting.

Sunday – 80m Sprints

After a 2 km jog warm up followed by 4 x 50m accelerations and drills I had 8 x 80m with 5 minutes recovery. I really tried hard to focus on hitting the ground hard with the ball of my foot. It was actually really exhausting and I found myself pretty tired by the 3rd rep. I finished off with a 1.6 km cool down and strides.

Weekly Mileage: 44.0 km / 27.3 miles

How was your training this week? Let me know down below!