Going into this week’s training I was feeling rather sore and tight once again in my hamstrings and quadriceps. And to finish off the week I had my first indoor race – 800m!

Monday – Lifting and 1 Minute Tempos

In the afternoon I headed to the track to do the same lifting session as last week: four exercises where I attempted to lift the heaviest weight I could manage three times. I went for heavier weights in the back squats and deadlifts than last week and cleared them so that felt good!

  • Back squats (3 x 90kg)
  • Cleans (3 x 50kg)
  • Snatches (3 x 25kg)
  • Deadlifts (3 x 100kg)

Afterwards, I had 5 x 300m at 80% effort with 200m walk recovery. I aimed to get progressively faster on each rep without feeling like I was overexerting myself although the effort possibly was over 80%.

  • 55.9
  • 55.7
  • 54.2
  • 53.5
  • 51.5

Tuesday – Easy Jog

Today I just had an easy 4km jog which I did in 20 minutes to loosen the legs up. Nothing hard, just a bit of a recovery day.

Wednesday – Accelerations

I jogged 400m for my warm up before performing 6 ‘sprint starts’ whilst focusing on form. On the way back, we would jog until 20m before where we started and perform various core exercises such as lunges, but you had to stay as low as possible at all times.

Before the main session which was 6 x 40m sprints, I had a few medicine ball throws to do with a 4kg medicine ball. I would perform a chest pass, lunging forwards with one leg 5 times. For the other exercise I would simply lift my body as high as I could and throw the ball backwards as high and as far as possible.

For the 40m accelerations, the first 30m was about building up speed and the last 10m I had to run through as fast as possible. This time the focus was on form. I felt like I progressively got better and my sprint coach at the club said he was seeing improvements in my technique which was encouraging to hear.

Once that was done, I finished off with 3 sets of 4 exercises in the weights room where I did:

  • 3 x 45kg hanging cleans
  • 3 x push and pulls (with a resistance band)
  • 3 x 35kg Bulgarian split squats on each leg
  • 3 x single bridge with a resistance band over my hips and a 10kg weight

Thursday – Rest

After yesterday’s session, I was pretty sore so I took a rest day.

Friday – Weights and 200m Repeats

I headed to the track straight after school and began with the weights doing the following exercises:

  • Back squats (20 x 55kg, 10 x 70kg, 6 x 80kg)
  • Hanging cleans (10 x 30kg, 6 x 40kg, 3 x 50kg)
  • Snatches (10 x 15kg, 6 x 20kg, 3 x 25kg)
  • Pulls ups (total 45 spread through the session)
  • Leg resistance band pulls (20, 15, 10)
  • Calf raises (3 x 12 x 60kg)
  • Deep squats (3 x 12 x 17.5kg)
  • Kneeling nordics (3 x 8)
  • Reverse kneeling nordics (3 x 12)

The lifting felt good, but I still had 200m reps to complete. 4 x 200m with 2 minutes recovery between reps. My times were:

  • 30.48
  • 30.97
  • 31.94
  • 31.98

I could feel my legs were fatigued from lifting and after about 120m into each rep I felt like I was slowing down, particularly on the last two reps.

Saturday – Rest

Since I was racing on Sunday, I rested today.

Sunday – 800m Race

My race didn’t go quite as well as I planned or hoped. It was my first time racing indoors and I was in lane 6. Prior to starting, I was unsure of whether between ‘on your marks’ and ‘go’ there was a ‘get set’ so I was kind of loafing around in my mind and as soon as the gun went, the runner in lane 5 had pretty much caught me.

I lost contact with the pack within 100m but managed to maintain my distance for the first 200m which I did in 30 seconds. At around 300m the distance began to increase and by the last lap, my legs felt dead. I finished in 2:19 which wasn’t quite the result I wanted. I’m not going to worry too much about it though since it’s early into my new sprinting regime and it will take a while for the results to show.

Weekly Mileage: 11km / 6.8 miles

How was your training this week? Let me know down below!