The week’s probably best described in my eyes as a good week of training followed by a mediocre day of racing, but I’ll just learn what I can this season from all my training and racing and take that into next season.

Monday – Lifting and a Steady Run

Today’s session, I did with another runner at the club, Alex Alston and it involved doing lifting in the form of back squats, Romanian deadlifts and hanging cleans. For the lifts I did:

  • Back squats – 8 x 40kg, 6 x 50kg, 4 x 60kg, 2 x 70kg
  • Romanian deadlifts – 6 x 60kg, 6 x 70kg, 4 x 80kg, 3 x 90kg
  • Hanging cleans – 8 x 20kg, 6 x 25kg, 4 x 30kg, 2 x 35kg

I tend to struggle most with my technique on the hanging cleans when it comes to getting the bar to rest on my shoulders so that quite evidently is my weakest lift out of the three. After that, I had a 20 minute run to be done at a heart rate of 150bpm so I made sure I was wearing my heart rate monitor today as I’m not convinced the built-in┬áheart rate monitors in running watches are so accurate.

It felt nice to do the run by heart rate, I was averaging about 4:27 min/km and we ended up doing just over 22 minutes which turned out to be almost 5km. Whilst the run itself felt easy, I could feel my legs slightly heavy from the lifting prior. Altogether, it was a nice fairly chilled out session!

Tuesday – Speed Endurance with 400 Repeats

I did another club session today focused around speed endurance with around 11 runners of similar ability. The session today was:

  • 10 x 400m [1 minute recovery]

I was slightly anxious upon hearing the session as speed endurance isn’t something I’ve worked on much over the track season as I’ve focused on my speed, but to my surprise the session went pretty well. I was fortunate enough to have Gary Evans, William Mullins and Cameron Gillies put me through my paces and keep the speed decent!

My times were (in seconds): 69, 68, 67, 67, 66, 68, 67, 68, 68, 68. I was very happy to keep my times with a 66 – 69 second time range and felt great afterwards. I definitely thought it was a good reflection of what my potential would be in my next 3000m race, hopefully edging closer to 9 minutes.

Thursday – Speed Endurance

My coach was at this New Balance Marathon camp where they select the best young athletes from under 13’s to under 20’s in track from 800m – 5000m and those who have shown a consistently high standard of performance. At this camp, they did a speed endurance session and my coach had assigned me to do it today to see how I’d do:

  • 1200m (3:43) [3 minute recovery, lap jog]
  • 3 x 400m (68, 68.4, 68) [90 second recovery, 200m jog]
  • [3 minute recovery, lap jog after the set]
  • 800m (2:29) [3 minute recovery, lap jog]
  • 4 x 300m (50.9, 49.9, 51.1, 50.9) [75 second recovery, 100m jog]

It certainly was a hard session with the limit recoveries and the range of distances to cover, but it was a good session to do although I didn’t run as fast as I hoped for the 800m or 300m repeats, but I imagine that’s down to those reps being towards the end.

Saturday – 800m, 400m and 1500m Race

I had 3 races today, and the main race I was going to focus on was the 800m as that was the first race of the day for me. I wanted to aim for sub 2:12, but the race didn’t go as planned for me despite the first lap being slower in 64 seconds, as I finished in 2:14.1.

The 400m was 50 minutes after or so, and when I ran that I finished in 61.3 seconds which wasn’t as quick as I wanted there either because I believe I can go sub 60 seconds and perhaps I could of if the 400m had been my first race, but it is still in reality a pb for me as it’s the first official time I have for a 400m.

The 1500m was 2 hours later. I just wanted to run hard in this race – I wasn’t expecting a pb or anything, but I just wanted to run hard. The first lap went out at 71/72 seconds which would have been perfect for me to set a pb as that is my current pb pace. As the race went on though the pace picked up and I got dropped behind a bit and finished in 4:37.

How was your week training? Let me know down below!