This week is going to be full of resting from running and quite possibly lots of core due to the inflamed flexor hallucis longus in my right lower leg, so I’m going to do what I can to maintain strength and fitness in my body even if I can’t run.

The Week As A Whole

So this week has contained zero running. Whilst progress with my foot is slow it does feel like it’s getting better.

To keep myself focused, I’ve been spending time doing lots of core every day (except from Saturday which I had as a day off). I also decided to try out cycling again so I went for a 9 km ride on Thursday. Everything felt fine with my foot and then 20.5 km on Friday and Sunday. These longer rides did aggravate my foot slightly, but not too much and I feel that it’ll help me to maintain my fitness.

Training Thoughts

I don’t know how long the recovery process will be, but I’m going to stay positive and focused. Things can only go better from here on and this will teach me to listen a bit more to my body and perhaps train a bit smarter instead of wanting to run for miles for the sake of it!

Weekly Mileage:  0 km + 50 km cycling

How was your training this week?