After feeling a bit unwell at the end of last week I was ready to start the week with a solid training session and a couple of good sprint races in the middle of the week!

Monday – Rest Day

My coach gave me a rest day and I sure was glad to have it. I never imagined my legs could be so sore just from doing some explosive jumping movements. I doubt I’ll feel great tomorrow, but I’ll see what he gives for training, or perhaps it’ll be another rest day to get over this fatigue!

Tuesday – Gym Session (Tight Hamstrings)

My legs still felt fatigued today and I began my session with 20 reps of 55kg back squats, but immediately after my hamstrings felt extremely tight. I decided it was best not to do anymore since they felt very sore when I was crouching down to just pick up my bag off the floor so I gave the rest of the exercises a miss apart from the pull-ups where I did 50 in total.

Wednesday – Rest Day

Honestly, my legs are still feeling absolutely shattered from the plyometrics I did last weekend. My left quadriceps are tight when I walk and my hamstrings are also tight from yesterday even though I barely got into my gym session. For now, my coach has said to allow my body to rest completely since the plyometric drills I did were so explosive and obviously a bit of a shock to the system (my body).

Thursday – Rest Day

I collected my A level results today before we travelled up north to Newcastle as part of our trip up to Scotland.

Friday – Rest Day

I continued resting today, but my legs were beginning to gradually feel better and better from the plyometrics.

Saturday – Hike And Easy Run

As a family we went and did a long hike in Loch Lomond which took about 90 minutes both ways, stopping at a local pub for a quick snack before heading back, then shortly before dinner I did a 20 minute easy run to test the legs and wasn’t feeling too bad although I was a bit tired from hiking.

Sunday – Easy Run

Today I had another easy run which was 20 minutes long in the rain. I kept the pace steady covering 4.4 km.

Weekly Mileage: 8.6 km / 5.3 miles

How was your training this week?