After racing 5000m on track the previous day I was so drained in my legs on Monday, so I rested and reluctantly (my legs were urging me to rest more) got back to work on Tuesday.

Tuesday – Hill Sprints

I did a 30 minute jog warm up before going to a hill near my house and using it for hill sprints. It was around 120m long with 18m of elevation. I had 3 x 3 hills, jog down between reps and 5 minutes between sets.

For the first 7 hills, I consistently hit 27 seconds, apart from 2 hills which were 26 seconds. At the end, I began to feel the burn in my legs though as my times slowed down to 28 seconds.

Surprisingly, my legs felt better after having completed the session and I performed better than expected considering last time I had done the same hill sprints I hadn’t managed to get 26 seconds.

Wednesday – 200m strides

So perhaps the hill session took a fair bit out of me and the athletics track I would normally use, was being used for a competition so I went a grass track nearby and did 20 x 200m strides, nice and easy to loosen up my legs.

Each 200m was done between 40 and 36 seconds, slowly getting quicker as the session progressed. The jog back to the 200m mark was my recovery and typically took around 80 seconds.

Saturday – 100m sprints

After a 15 minute jog warm up and some drills, I went to do 14 x 100m sprints. At the end of each sprint, I did 10 pushups or sit ups (alternating) and jogged back. Since I was still out of breath whilst doing these exercises, it made them even harder.

Sunday – Long Run

Just a steady 15 kilometre run done at an average pace of 4:22 min/km whilst keeping my heart rate in the aerobic zone below 163 bpm. My legs still felt a bit fatigued from yesterday, I could hold the speed comfortably without overexerting myself.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a week of mostly speed work which has got my legs turning over rather quickly. I hope that this speed work can translate into some new pb’s on track!

How was your week training? Let me know down below!