I was feeling rather tired after last week’s training, but I had a couple of hard sessions to do this week coupled with a weekend consisting of 5 races!

Monday – Steady Run

I was still feeling a bit sore from last week’s Saturday track session of 16 x 200m and my coach suggested I don’t do anything strenuous today so I went out for an easy 4.1 km jog in the morning in 21 minutes and went out for 9 km in the afternoon in 42 minutes at a steady pace.

Tuesday – Track Session

In the morning I went out for an easy 4.1 km jog in 20 minutes.

Today’s session was 3 x 400m with 8 minutes recovery followed by 4 x 100m with a walk back recovery. It was going to be a hard session since it was very windy, wet and my target for the 400m reps was 62 seconds and for the 100m reps, it was 14 seconds. As my warm up I did 2 laps of jogging and 2 laps of striding the straights and jogging the bends of the track. (Note that ” = seconds and ‘ = minutes) My times were:

  • 400m x 3 – (61.23″, 62.35″, 65.90″)
  • 100m x 4 – (14.84″, 14.53″, 14.79″, 14.94″)

It was a real struggle for me on the third rep of the 400m and my time shows it. I hoped to run faster on the 100m reps, but I think it showed that I gave it everything on the 400m reps since my time wasn’t great so I’m taking that as a positive. Altogether, not a bad session. I finished off with a 2.6 km jog.

Wednesday – Steady Run

In the morning I jogged for ten minutes at a comfortable pace before starting 5 x 1 minute ‘on’ running and ‘off’ jogging covering about 300m each time during the ‘on’ minute. Once that was done, I jogged for ten more minutes as a cool down, totalling 6.7 km for the run.

In the afternoon I went for a steady 9.5 km run with Harry Brodie, averaging 4’15” per km to complete the run in 40’30”.

Thursday – Track Session

Today’s session was 2 x 350m. I did a 2.4 km jog as my warm-up followed by drills and strides before starting. The target was to do each rep is 52.5″ (60″ 400m pace) with 12 minutes recovery. My times were 52.41″ and 52.32″ so I just managed to hit my targets. I finished off with a 2.3 km jog cool down.

Friday – Easy Run

Today was just an easy run to prepare for my races tomorrow so I just jogged 4.1 km in the morning.

Saturday – Race Day

Today I was competing in the 800m, 400m and 200m at the third Southern Athletics League meet at St Alban’s. My warm-up before each race was about a 2 km jog followed by some drills (I did less as the day went on).

My times for the events were:

  • 800m – 2’13.8″
  • 400m – 60.3″
  • 200m – 27.9″

The 800m race didn’t go as well as I hoped, but the 400m and 200m races were both pb’s so I was positive about that!

Sunday – Race Day (Again!)

Today I was competing at the London Interclub Challenge (LICC) which is a bit like an open meet where you put down your times for each event and race against people who put down similar times to make the race more competitive. I was competing in the 100m and 1500m today.

Neither event went so well for me. I ran:

  • 100m – 14.30″
  • 1500m – 4’33.35″

I could feel my legs were tired and fatigued from yesterday’s races and it was also extremely windy. I’m not going to dwell on any of these races and I’m just going to move on.

Weekly Mileage: 76.3 km / 47.4 miles

How was your training this week?