I was absolutely shattered after racing last week. It was quite a shock to the system and honestly, my legs feel hammered. I can’t quite anticipate how this week’s training will go, but I’m certainly feeling like I’m going to need to take it easy, but perhaps training on fatigued legs will help them to adapt. After all, you very rarely race or train in a perfect state.

Note:¬†” = seconds and ‘ = minutes

Monday – Steady Run

My legs felt sore so kept the pace steady for my 8.3 km morning run, doing it in 41’19”.

In the afternoon, I did a little run with 4 x 10″ sprints, totalling 5.1 km in distance run including my warm up and cool down.

Tuesday – 1500m Repeats

In the evening I did a 3.3 km jog warm up before doing some running drills and jogging to a nearby park. The session was 6 x 1500m (approx) with 75″ recovery. It was a gruelling session in the rain and 40 mph winds. My times were:

  1. 5’02”
  2. 5’10”
  3. 5’12”
  4. 5’16”
  5. 5’18”
  6. 5’15”

After that, I jogged back to the track and did a 3.4 km cool down.

Wednesday – Steady Run & Weight Training

Before work, I ran 8.3 km in 37’51”. After work I went to the gym to do:

  • 3 sets of 5 x 70 kg deadlifts
  • 3 sets of 4 x 50kg deep squats
  • 5 sets of 10 pull ups
  • 6 x 40 kg hanging cleans
  • 2 sets of 3 x 30 kg snatch
  • 30 leg pulls per leg

My gym session was less intense today because I could really feel my legs were sore and stiff from racing last week and the tough session yesterday.

Thursday – Tempo Run

In the evening I did a 3.3 km jog warm up before preparing for a 7.7 km tempo run which I did in 28’51”. I took it a bit easier since my legs felt quite sore. I finished off with a 3.4 km jog cool down.

Friday – Rest

Today I rested completely since my legs felt pretty sore and stiff. I think it was a good decision and it was nice to have a rest day.

Saturday – 1k Tempos & Hill Runs

Today’s session began with a 3.4 km jog and some running drills. The session was a half loop of the park which is probably around 950m followed by 6 hill sprints until we had completed 3 half loop tempos. My times were:

  • 3’04”
    • 26″2
    • 25″6
    • 25″4
    • 24″9
    • 25″3
    • 25″4
  • 3’05”
    • 27″6
    • 26″4
    • 26″2
    • 26″4
    • 26″3
    • 26″2
  • 3’05”

It was a tough session, but I’m happy I managed to put in a hard consistent effort for all of the hills and tempos. I finished off with a 3.4 km jog cool down.

Sunday – Long Run

Today I did a 16 km long run at 4’22” min/km pace to finish my run just under 70 minutes. It felt fairly tough and my legs felt the hill sprints more today than yesterday whilst I was running. I underestimated the toll the session took on my legs. Altogether, not a bad way to finish the week though!

Weekly Mileage: 85.0 km / 52.8 miles

How was your training this week?