I added a bit more intensity to my training this week whilst increasing the mileage a little more. I still had my press and sit routine every day followed by a morning run to start after a night of sleep. Without further ado, here’s how my week went!


AM: Failed to wake up early enough to run before school (it happens, unfortunately) which worked out kind of alright since I was given a day off doing my press and sit routine.
PM: 16km relaxed (78 minutes)

I met with one of my running mates, Oliver Davies who stopped running seriously a couple of years ago. He joined me for my 16km run which gave us ample time to catch up during the run and certainly made it more fun.


AM: 6.4km easy (32:41)
PM: 5km warm-up, 6km total track session, 5.4km cool down

My track session consisted of:

  • 200m (32.9 seconds)
  • 400m (71.4 seconds)
  • 600m (1:42.6)
  • 800m (2:31.4)
  • 600m (1:50.7)
  • 400m (72.3 seconds)
  • 200m (32.4 seconds)

Between each rep was 3 minutes recovery where I would do a lap jog.

I felt strong and fast during each of the reps, especially the first 600m where the target set was to hit 1:40.


AM: 6.4km easy (35:09)
PM: 1.7km warm up, weights session, 1.7km cool down

My weights session today was composed of 20 reps of the following exercises with a 20kg bar:

  • Forward shoulder shrugs
  • Backward shoulder shrugs
  • Forward barbell press (x2)
  • Lifting the bar from waist to upper chest
  • ‘Flicking’ the bar so that it rested on my shoulders
  • Lifting the bar from far away from my body to my chest

After that it was 2 sets of cleans at the following weights:

  • 6 x 20kg
  • 3 x 30kg
  • 2 x 35kg

My target was to do 2 cleans at 40kg but I couldn’t manage that so I dropped the weight a bit lower to 35kg. I feel that maybe just maybe I could do it if I had enough confidence, but I’m a bit worried about dropping the bar and making a racket as well as potentially injuring myself.


AM: 6.4km easy (33:39)
PM: 9km hill loops easy pace whilst pushing a bit uphill (42:41) followed by 14 reps of 15 second uphill strides with 90 seconds recovery.

The hill loops felt fairly relaxed although tough on the legs, especially when paired with the strides at the end which were done at about 80% effort.


I was ill last night Thursday from around 9 pm and was pretty devastated since I had been managing to run consistently without feeling too tired. It was hard for me to get a restful sleep and I ended up throwing up several times (last time at 6 am this morning). Because of this I didn’t do anything today except a 24-hour dry water fast in order to try and starve off any bacteria or virus that might have gotten into my gut.

A dry water fast is where you abstain from drinking or taking in any water through any of your cell membranes. This typically means not showering or splashing water on your face to rehydrate. It was difficult for the first 16 hours or so, but then it got easier. Once 24 hours had passed and it was 9 pm I began to sip on water very gradually so my body didn’t suddenly try and absorb it all at once after having been deprived of water for 24 hours.

Fun fact: when deprived of water your body will use fat, carbohydrate and protein molecules to produce water – this water produced by your body is the most metabolically efficient water you could consume because it is created by your body for your cells. 100g of fat can be used to produce 100g of water, 60g of water per 100g of carbohydrates and 42g of water per 100g of protein. Since the most metabolically efficient way of producing water is by using fat, intermittent dry water fasts can actually be used as a method of weight loss (although it’s not something I recommend practising regularly).


I didn’t eat anything last night since I didn’t feel hungry, probably because it was quite late and my internal body clock was telling me it was time to sleep. Another interesting thing about fasting is that when you don’t eat for a prolonged period of time your stomach physically shrinks, so that could also be another reason why I wasn’t hungry and decided to postpone breakfast until after my training session this morning. When I woke up I felt fairly thirsty since I wasn’t drinking whilst I was sleeping (obviously) so I had a few careful sips of water before stepping out of the door and getting ready to run.

AM: Half of my press and sit routine, 3.3km warm-up, followed by a hill session with Ahmed Tassadaq and a 5km cool down
PM: 3.3km easy run (17:21)

The hill session consisted of:

  • 4 x 450m [7 minutes recovery]
  • 5 x 300m [6 minutes recovery]
  • 6 x 200m [5 minutes recovery]
  • 7 x 100m [3 minutes recovery]
  • 8 x 50m [2 minutes recovery]

The focus of the session was to try and maintain good form whilst running uphill, so these sprints/runs were done at 80% intensity apart from the last few 50m which were around 95% intensity. It was a hard session on the legs (not so much on the heart or lungs) although I managed to complete it without any problems which I could’ve expected from having been ill the previous night and not having eaten for 36 hours prior to the session.


It was absolutely chucking it down this morning. I was somewhat reluctant to run since I had been fortunate enough on many of my other runs in the past couple of months to avoid such rain. However, a quick google of the weather forecast told me that things weren’t going to get much better so I just decided to get my long run out of the way in the morning.

My long run consists of 2 x 8km loops. During the first loop, I encountered a couple of puddles which I sort of avoided. Then I encountered a puddle covering the pavement completely for a 2m stretch and stopped, waiting for a car to pass on the road so I could run on the road before going back onto the pavement. On the second loop, the rain was hitting it down hard and puddles (I don’t even think they were puddles anymore) appeared that weren’t there the first time around and I just ran through them. Oh well, I was drenched anyway!

AM: 16km long run (73:50) and 1.6km cool down
PM: Rest

Weekly Mileage: 101.6km / 63.1 miles

How was your week training? Let me know down below!