It’s been a fairly light week of training with an 800m race in the middle of the week. The Saturday, speed endurance session was gruelling though, but has me optimistic about how my next races may turn out!

Monday – Pre-race Session

Quite a light session in terms of workload today in preparation for my 800m open race at Watford on Wednesday. I had:

  • 2 x 200m [30 second recovery]
  • 5 minutes rest
  • 1 x 700m

My target times for the session were sub 30 for the 200m – I got 30.3 and 30.9. Then I had a target of 1:59 for the 700m which would be 2:16 800m pace. I did it just over that time in 2:00.6. The session was good, the 200m felt hard but the 700m was steady although I struggled in the last 300m or so.

Wednesday – Watford Open Meet 800m

I did an easy run, about 20 minutes long in the morning with a couple of strides just to prime myself mentally for the race coming later this evening.

My warm up was 15 minutes of jogging followed by dynamic drills and strides. I was in heat 11 and would be racing against people who had put down target times or personal bests of 2:13 and 2:14 for 800m. Although 800m is so much shorter than 1500m and 3000m, I think about it and conclude two laps isn’t bad at all when I’m used to running much further, but when I watch all the races before me I think – ‘Oh. I’ve just signed up for two whole laps of pain. Oh. Dear.‘ But I’ve learned to enjoy 800m, something about the thrill of running hard for 2 laps of the track gets me excited and more serious than ever in the race because there is no room to ‘take it easy’.

I was slightly anxious before going into my race and situated along the outside of the curved start line. I hardly had time to raise my head after placing my foot just behind the line when the gun went off and I was caught in a frenzy of runners all making a beeline to make it into lane 1 and start off hard. I was caught off guard by the pace – I didn’t expect it to be so quick and ended up running the first lap in 62 seconds and the next lap in 71 seconds (completely lost it) with my legs seizing up in the last 50m or so. I finished with a time of 2:13.48.

Friday – Time Trial

My quads felt especially destroyed after my 800m race and I had another session similar to Monday’s, with only two reps flat out on track, to be done as fast as possible.

  • 1 x 350m (target time 52.5 seconds which is 60 second 400m pace)
  • 1 x 500m (as close to 75 seconds if possible)

I ran the 350m in 52.78 which was just a fraction slower than the pace I wanted. After that, I had a 20 minute recovery before doing the 500m. I felt strong for the first 200m until I hit the headwind on the back straight and I finished in 1:19.3 which is actually technically my quickest time for 500m so I’m pleased with that.

Saturday – Speed Endurance on Track

I did a club session today with Bedford & County AC in the morning, starting with a 3.4km jog warm up. After completing drills and strides, it was onto the main session which I was doing with Ahmed Tassadaq.

2 sets of:

  • 300m [45s recovery] (51s and 48s)
  • 400m [60s recovery] (65s and 66s)
  • 400m [60s recovery] (66s and 68s)
  • 300m [45s recovery] (48s and 50s)
  • 200m [10 minutes between sets] (31s and 31s)

The target times my club coach wanted me to hit were 48s for 300m and 65 – 66s for 400m. The first 300m was a bit too conservative as I was unsure of how quickly we were running, so immediately after, I sought to fix that. The rest of the first set went pretty well although the second set was a bit more of a struggle.

The first 300m of the second set went out at the right pace and the 400m after was good which surprised me. However, the second 400m was the real killer for me and I felt so slow over the last 150m. I thought I was going to get around 71s for that rep, but then Ahmed came past me with 50m to go so I began to push and was pleasantly surprised with 68 seconds. Obviously, I was struggling at that point so my 300m wasn’t as quick as I wanted and then on the last 200m, I was glad it was over. It was a good session and I’m pleased with the times I got apart from maybe the first 300m.

Final Thoughts

The faster times I’ve been clocking in training are definitely making me feel optimistic about achieving faster times from 800m upwards, now it’s up to me to put the work into the race and chase those times down (with hopefully a bit better pacing)!

How was your week training? Let me know down below!