I’m back in action with my training now, focusing on the sprints and hopefully, I’ll be doing some aerobic work as well! I’ve got one last race to finish off my track season before I’m officially done with track racing for the year!

Note:¬†” = seconds and ‘ = minutes

Monday – Short Sprints

After work I did a 2 km jog warm up followed by drills some sprints which consisted of:

  • 6 x 20m
  • 2 x 60m

The sprints were good and I felt fast once I got up and running. My right hamstring and hip adductors did feel a bit tight though after the sprints! To finish off I did a 1.2 km jog cool down.

Tuesday – Rest Day

I was feeling a bit sore from training yesterday, but I was resting anyway since I was due to race at Watford tomorrow.

Wednesday – Race Day

Today I was racing in the 200m and 100m races at Watford, I drove straight from work to the track, did my warm up and drills, but I could feel my leg muscles were sore and tight from training on Monday. I didn’t feel too good.

I went ahead with the 200m and ended up finishing last, running 28″93 which is one of my slowest times this season. I decided it was best not to risk an injury and chose not to race in the 100m afterwards.

Thursday – Rest Day

My coach asked me to rest day which was fine with me after having raced. That, and my legs still felt sore.

Friday – Rest Day

Today was also followed up with some rest since my legs hadn’t fully recovered.

Saturday – Swim

Today I just did a steady 20 minute swim in the morning.

Sunday – Hill Sprints

Today’s session was 8 x 10″ hill sprints. I started in the morning with a 2 km jog followed by some running drills. My calves felt rather tight and I can only suspect it’s from the 40 minute run I did last week in my minimalist shoes. After that, I did my hill sprints with 4′ recovery in between before doing a 1 km jog back home. The sprints felt good and fast!

Weekly Mileage: 11.4 km / 7.0 miles

How was your training this week?