This week started off with a rest day after two days of racing. After doing a bit of a re-evaluation of my training so far, I’m going to back down on the mileage that has slowly crept up and accumulated recently and focus more on speed and power which is necessary for the sprints.

Monday – Rest Day

Today I went out for a short walk, but the rest of the day was spent relaxing indoors.

Tuesday – Strength Work

Today’s session was spent flipping tyres in the afternoon. I started off flipping a tyre which was around a metre tall over a distance of 100m as quickly as possible which took me 3’27”. After that, I was to flip a tractor tyre as many times as I could in 4 minutes. That was a real struggle for me and I got to about 5 flips at around 2’30” when I messed up and the tyre fell on my left foot and shin and I smacked my left buttock into the ground. I began crying, not because it hurt (it wasn’t that bad), but more because I was scared that I was injured and I hated having to take time off running due to injury.

Fortunately, I was just bruised and I flipped the tyre 3 more times after that. Then I did my press and sit routine consisting of 100 press ups and 200 crunches along with 50 half-pull ups where my bum is on the floor with my feet and I pull myself up using a lower bar (I don’t use my legs). To finish off we did some running drills focusing on sprint form and running technique.

Wednesday – Lighter Weights

In the morning I did ten minutes of easy cycling on the bike before practising my technique with hanging cleans by doing 5 sets of 10 x 20kg hanging cleans with just the bar. I was supposed to do a total of 80 reps, but my left glute was bruised and a bit painful after falling on it yesterday from flipping tyres so after doing 40 reps, I did 10 reps (to total 50) and my coach told me to call it a day there.

Thursday – Rest Day

I was happy to take a break today after the lifting and didn’t do much for most of the day other than going for a walk in the morning.

Friday – Rest Day

I could feel my legs were still sore from the lifting on Wednesday as well as the sprints so I had a rest day today. I went out for a short walk in the morning and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Saturday – Sprints

In the morning I went to the track and did a warm up consisting of 2 laps jogging and 3 laps of jogging the bends and striding the straights. Afterwards, I performed a series of running drills known as ‘bleed outs’ or ‘dribbles’ which emphasises sprint running form before starting my session of 3 sets of 3 x 90m with 5′ recovery between reps and 7′ between sets. My times were:

  1. 12″28
  2. 12″31
  3. 12″24
  4. 12″51
  5. 11″99
  6. 11″98
  7. 11″96
  8. 12″45
  9. 12″40

The session didn’t feel too hard since the reps were short and the recoveries were long but I had to really try and focus on applying maximum force during each step as well as maintaining a good running form and making sure I didn’t lean back whilst I was sprinting (something I tend to do).

To finish off I did 3 sets of 6 x 60kg deadlifts along with a 1.8 km jog incorporating 5 x 100m strides.

Sunday – Rest Day

I was considering going out for a short run today between 2 and 4km at an easy pace, but after waking up and feeling how tight my calves and hamstrings were from training yesterday I decided not to. This was also because of the training evaluation I had with my coach which discussed how for the time being I was going to train more like a sprinter and stop doing extra runs. So, today I just went for a walk to satisfy my need to do something outside.

Weekly Mileage: 4.6 km / 2.8 miles

How was your training this week?