Another hard week of training with a lot of speed work and my first long run in probably 2 months! I certainly enjoyed training this week though!

Tuesday – Grass Intervals

I had a session at my running club, Bedford and County AC today and I had 2 sets of:

  • 2 minutes
  • 90 seconds
  • 1 minute
  • 1 minute
  • 90 seconds
  • 2 minutes

We completed the session around some rugby pitches and the recovery between each interval was 1 minute and the recovery between sets was 4 minutes. I wasn’t sure how I would do since in many of my other sessions, the recovery would be around 2 minutes and there wouldn’t be as many intervals of hard running in between, but I thought I’d see how it’d go.

I was put into a group of runners of a similar ability and off we went. I managed to maintain a steady pace within the group, consistently sticking around the front which was good. I was surprised at how well I ran and pleased the session.

Wednesday – Speed Work

My speed work session didn’t consist of many reps, but they were all to be done flat out – as you’d probably expect from speed work. Ahmed Tassadaq hopped in and put me through my paces, especially in the 60m sprints which were very close. The session was:

  • 350m (52s) [3 minutes recovery]
  • 300m (46s) [8 minutes recovery]
  • 120m x 2 (17.1 and 17.9) [4 minutes recovery]
  • 60m x 4 (8.79, 8.53, 8.91, 8.96) [walk back recovery]

Despite feeling fast, my 350m and 300m weren’t as quick as I hoped for which was sub 50 seconds and sub 45 seconds (aiming for 42 seconds). I also hoped my 120m would be quicker, under 17 seconds preferably, but the 60m felt nice and fast. It’s difficult to run ‘fast’ on the 60m because you have to get up to speed from zero acceleration whereas in 120m you can maintain the speed or even increase it.

Saturday – Long Run

It was the first long run I’d been given to do in a long time today, probably around 2 months or so. I went out for an hour whilst keeping my heart rate as close to 140bpm as I could to ensure the run wouldn’t be too taxing for the hill session I had for tomorrow. I averaged 143bpm, 13km over an hour with 83m of elevation and felt relaxed and comfortable during the run which was good.

Sunday – Hill Sprints

When I woke up, my legs were achier than expected from the hills yesterday. I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage the hills. Regardless, I went for a 3km jog and did my drills before getting ready for the hill session that awaited me:

  • 4 x 300m with 21.3m elevation (65.5, 63.9, 65, 66.9)
  • 5 x 200m with 19.1m elevation (47.5, 48.7, 49.8, 51.5, 48.5)
  • 6 x 100m with 13.7m elevation (22.8, 24.5, 22.6, 21.7, 20.7, 20.8)
  • 7 x 50m with 10m elevation (11.9, 11.8, 11.3, 12.7, 11.9, 12.0, 12.3)

Times are above in seconds in brackets.

Recovery was as long as I felt I needed to be ready to run the next rep as hard as the one before so my recoveries were around:

  • 300m: 5 – 6 minutes
  • 200m: 4 minutes
  • 100m: 3 minutes
  • 50m: 2 minutes

The session was hard and long, taking just over 2 hours but I was pleased with myself for having completed with it and actually quite enjoyed the session (and the big breakfast that awaited after)!

How was your week training? Let me know down below!