After doing some solid track work during the last two days, I started off the week with a 600m time trial.

Monday – 600m Time Trial

In the morning I did a gentle 4km recovery run.¬†(Note that ” = seconds and ‘ = minutes)

After school, I went to the track with my brother. I did a 3 lap jog warm-up followed by some drills and accelerations before starting my 600m time trial. As I approached the last 200m, my brother began to run a fast 200m. I chased after him (didn’t catch him) and finished in 1’36.51″ which is a personal best for me!

After 5 minutes of recovery, we ran 2 x 100m with 5 minutes in between. My times were:

  • 14.19″
  • 13.66″

To finish off, I did 2 sets of 4 x 70kg deadlifts and a 1.7 km jog cool down with my brother.

Tuesday – Rest Day

(Note that ” = seconds and ‘ = minutes)

It’s been about a week since I had a proper rest day, so I chilled out and did absolutely no training today which was nice for a change. I find it hard to rest, but it’s necessary for adaptation to occur:

Stress + Rest = Growth

Wednesday – Hill Runs

In the morning I did 20 minutes of easy jogging before starting my morning session which consisted of 5 x 1 minute uphill at a high intensity, with a jog down recovery (about 2 minutes). After that, I finished with a 2 km jog cool down.

Then in the afternoon after a 1 km jog warm-up, I did 6 x 5 second hill sprints with my brother and finished off with a 1 km jog cool down.

Thursday – Steady Run

In the morning I went out for 20 minutes of easy jogging covering 4 km.

In the afternoon I went for a steady run with my friend Harry Brodie, doing a nice 5 mile or 8 km loop out into the countryside. It was at a slower pace than last week with both of us finishing the run in about 39 minutes.

Friday – Recovery Run

In the morning I ran for 20 minutes at a relaxed pace, effectively a recovery run for me since I wasn’t doing any proper training today.

Saturday – Short Tempo And Hills

I went to my club training this morning, where we did a 3.5 km jog for our warm-up. Today, I opted for the shorter session which consisted of a 1.8 km tempo followed by 3 sets of 4 short hills (about 110m, but very steep). I ran the tempo in 6’25” and after 3 minutes recovery, we started the hills. For the hills, we jogged down between reps (1′ to 1’30” recovery) and had 5 minutes to rest between sets. My times ranged between 22.7″ (first rep) and 24.8″ (last rep).

To finish off I did a 3.2 km jog cool down and went home.

It was a very tough session, especially with the hills, but I felt strong during the tempo and faster up the hills than usual so I’ll take that as a positive!

Sunday – Recovery Run

In the morning I went out for an easy 4km jog as part of my recovery, running it in about 22 minutes. I could really feel my bum muscles (glutes) hurting after yesterday’s hill session!

Weekly Mileage: 52.6 km / 32.7 miles

How was your training this week? Let me know down below!