I’ll be taking it easy this week apart from entering a local 5km race whilst on holiday. I feel that my body needs it after the intense training I’ve done since mid-November, but I couldn’t resist an opportunity to race whilst I was away!

Note: ” = seconds and ‘ = minutes

Monday – Rest Day

No training for me today with a local 5km race tomorrow in Herning.

Tuesday – 5km Race

I did a 3.2 km jog before the race today followed by some drills. The plan was to go off at a hard steady pace and to see if there was anyone with me that I could chase or work with to get a fast time.

The gun went off and once I passed the few kids who were sprinting the first 200m it became clear I was alone so I did the run as a tempo and ran 17’29”. It was quite windy during the middle kilometres and the end was quite difficult since it finished in a sports hall and there were lots of turns. It was pretty fun though!

I finished off with a 3.6 km jog cool down.

Wednesday – Fartlek

First day of 2020, started with a run.

10.4 km at a steady pace with 6 x 25″ hard efforts interspersed between.

Thursday – Tempo Run

Today I did a bit of a progressive tempo for 8 km getting faster towards the end. My times for each kilometre were:

  1. 4’35”
  2. 4’08”
  3. 4’04”
  4. 4’12”
  5. 4’04”
  6. 3’57”
  7. 3’53”
  8. 3’36”

Then I finished off with a 3 km jog cool down and some strides.

Friday – Rest Day

We came back from Denmark early this morning so I just took a rest day.

Saturday – Tempos And Hills

After a 3.2 km jog and drills I began the club training session which consisted of a 1.35 km tempo, 5 hill sprints, 1.35 km tempo, 5 hill sprints, 1.35 km tempo.

My times for the tempo runs were:

  1. 4’23”
  2. 4;28″
  3. 4’31”

For the hill sprints, my times were fairly consisted and ranged between 23″3 and 24″6 although one of my times was 25″1. The session finished with a 3.2 km jog cool down.

Sunday – Strides And Long Run

In the morning I did an easy 2.5 km run with 4 x 15″ strides.

Shortly after lunch, I ran 16.2 km in 69’32”. A solid long run to end the week!

Weekly Mileage: 67.6 km / 42.0 miles

How was your training this week?