I started the week with a rest day since I’d been training 5 days in a row, so I was ordered by my coach to take a day off. I also had a 1500m race at Eastern and Essex Indoor Champs to look forward to at the end of the week!

Tuesday – Core Work and 150m Reps

After school I went to the track and started with a 6 lap jog of the track, incorporating strides into the middle 2 laps. Then I went to work with a 4kg medicine ball. I did 3 sets of 10 throws, throwing the medicine ball:

  • Upwards (underarm)
  • Forwards – like a chest pass (after jumping into the air)
  • Backwards (overhead)

Once that was done, it was onto plyometrics like standing long jumps and ‘bunny hops’ over 30m before doing 4 x 30m  accelerations to prepare myself for 5 x 150m with 5 minutes recovery.

  • 21.4 seconds
  • 21.4 seconds
  • 21.7 seconds
  • 22.2 seconds
  • 22.5 seconds

I tried to run as fast as I could, but my legs were slowly getting worn out as you can see by the way my times slowed down.

Wednesday – 45m Accelerations

Today I did a steady 8km jog in the morning at a pace that felt comfortable. The run ended up taking around 36 minutes.

In the evening, I headed to the track did the usual warm up and drills and stretches before going into the accelerations. I was to focus on accelerating for 25m, hit the ground hard with good form for 10m and then ‘float’ with good form for the last 10m before running into the crash mat at the end of the wall – that was fun!

My sprint form feels like it is improving, I just need to try and get my knee’s higher up whilst sprinting.

The session was finished off with 3 sets the following circuit:

  • 5 x 30kg shrug cleans – fast
  • 5 x back hyper-extenders with 5kg on my back
  • 5 clap press ups

Thursday – Strength and Conditioning

No running today, just core work. After school, I did 2 sets of:

  • 15 press ups
  • 40 crunches
  • 15 x back hyper-extenders
  • 15 x glute-hamstring single leg lift
  • 30 second med ball squeeze between the knees (I used a pillow)
  • 15 x single leg calf raises
  • 5 x 5 crab walks using a resistance band over my ankles
  • 10 x kneeling nordics
  • 10 x split lunges forwards and backwards (20 per leg, 40 total)

Friday and Saturday – Rest

Just resting to help prepare me for a good 1500m race on Sunday at Eastern and Essex Indoor Champs.

Sunday – 1500m Race

I warmed up before the race with a 2k jog followed by drills and strides.

I headed for the start and was to race against 4 people altogether. The gun went and I started strong, but afraid of going off too quick I let the others go ahead. I moved from 5th to 4th after about 300m, but after that, I couldn’t seem to close the gap to 3rd. I wish I pushed earlier or actually tried to commit to the pace they went off in the beginning, but I didn’t. That’s something I’ll try and do next time now that I’ve got a 1500m time as my benchmark for 2019.

I finished 4th with a time of around 4:36.

Weekly Mileage: 21.5km / 13.3 miles

How was your training this week? Let me know down below!