This will be a very short reflection due to the aftereffects of having run a half marathon (mayhap somewhat stupidly) on very little half marathon specific training.

The Whole Week

Following my half marathon on Sunday, from Monday to Wednesday I did 2km easy jogs in the morning and they took me between 12 and 14 minutes to do comfortably. My legs felt fine-ish before I started running and about a minute into each run I began to feel the pain. My groin and quads ached the most and I was pretty sure I could feel the microtears in my legs pulling slightly as I ran. Whilst I knew I wasn’t injured, I could feel my legs had taken a heavy beating.

On Thursday and Friday, I upped this to a 20 minute run although my legs didn’t feel much better, so on Saturday, I tried a 1km jog but still felt terrible. On Sunday, I decided I would rest from running completely to see if that would help my legs recover for my next race which is a 3000m at the Watford open meeting next Wednesday.

I’ve been having some hot baths to try and help with my recovery, but I’m not feeling much effect so I’m thinking of trying some ice baths to see if that can help facilitate my muscle recovery.

I hope that my legs can repair for one final race on track next week.

How was your week training? Let me know down below!