It was pretty tough last week adding in some faster tempo runs. I’m definitely not quite used to it yet and it’ll take a while to be able to handle those runs quite comfortably, but for now, I’ll stick with the training and the process.

Note:¬†” = seconds and ‘ = minutes

Monday – Steady Run

In the evening, I did an 8.3 km steady run in 39’53” incorporating two strides at the end.

Tuesday – Sprints And Tempo Run

In the morning I did a 1 km jog warm up before doing 6 x 10″ sprints with 90″ recovery. I did a long jog afterwards to run a total of 5.6 km.

After work I had a club session where we did a 3.2 km jog warm up and a tempo. I did 7.7 km at an average of 3:39 min/km to finish the tempo in 28:08 which is about 25 seconds quicker than last week! I finished off with a 2 km jog cool down.

Wednesday – Steady Run & Weight Training

Before work, I ran 8.3 km in 39’49” with two strides. After work I went to the gym to do:

  • 5 sets of 5 x 70 kg deadlifts
  • 5 sets of 4 x 50 kg deep squats
  • 5 sets of 10 pull ups
  • 2 sets of 6 x 40 kg hanging cleans
  • 2 sets of 3 x 30 kg snatch
  • 45 leg pulls per leg

Thursday – Tempo Run & Sprints

In the morning I did a 1 km jog warm up before starting a 6.4 km tempo run where I averaged about 3’56” per km which isn’t too quick, but honestly, it’s really hard to run fast in the morning straight after you’ve woken up. I would’ve done it in the evening, but I didn’t have sufficient time.

I did find time for some short sprints though and did 6 x 10″ sprints with 2’30” recovery.

Friday – Rest

I’ve decided to make Friday a complete rest day so I did zero training today.

Saturday – Hill Runs

Today I trained with my club and did a 3.5 km jog warm up before starting my session which began with a 1 km tempo which I did in 3’14” before doing 4 x long hills, 5 x medium hills and 6 x short hills with a jog down recovery.

My times were:

  • Long Hill (approx 1’50” jog recovery)
    • 54″6
    • 54″7
    • 55″5
    • 56″6
  • Medium Hills (approx 90″ jog recovery)
    • 39″3
    • 39″5
    • 39″0
    • 38″5
    • 39″0
  • Short Hills (approx 75″ jog recovery)
    • 26″0
    • 27″0
    • 25″7
    • 25″6
    • 25″8
    • 25″1

I felt really good during the session, especially on the short hills. We covered about 5 km running up and downhill and I finished off with a 2.8 km jog cool down.

Sunday – Long Run

Today I was doing a ‘nice off-road’ long run. I assumed nice meant on firm, non-muddy trails. Boy, I was wrong. And I couldn’t even do a 13 km run like I intended. I had to stick it out for the whole 16.6 km loop.

It was full of running alongside farmers field, squelchy mud, muddy hills, through the woods and whilst it was an absolute mess, I somehow enjoyed it.

I said during the run I’d never do it again, but I kind of would like to do it again because it was quite nice running in the countryside.

Weekly Mileage: 75.4 km / 46.8 miles

How was your training this week?