Most of this week was spent in Denmark on holiday so training was minimal as my coach wanted me to relax and enjoy myself before resuming training again when I got back home.

Note:¬†” = seconds and ‘ = minutes

Monday – Rest Day

Today was a rest day, we had a late brunch and enjoyed some go-karting in Denmark (I won!) before going back to a friend’s house and having a barbecue in this amazing Summer weather!

Tuesday – Rest Day

Another day spent resting apart from a couple of walks throughout the day (I like to try and hit my step target). After visiting my grandmother and cooking up lunch, we went to the beach and enjoyed ourselves in the sea. It was very relaxing since the weather was so warm!

Wednesday – Plyometrics And 80m Reps

My coach gave me the full set of plyometrics exercises to do which I did about 10 days ago. The thing is, they were so new to me that my legs got so sore I had to split the plyometrics over Saturday and Sunday. Now he wanted me to do them all along with 2 sets of 4 x 80m with 4′ recovery between reps and 6′ between sets. I thought it was unreasonable but he said I’d manage so I went along with it. My warm up was 4 laps of jogging, drills and 2 x 30m sprints.

I performed:

  • 5 sets of 5 explosive single leg starts (crouch on one leg and explode forth onto the other leg)
  • 5 explosive single leg starts holding a 5kg medicine ball
  • 5 explosive single leg starts pushing a 5kg medicine ball as I move forth
  • 5 single leg jumps into the sandpit
  • 5 double leg jumps into the sandpit

It was difficult, but I put in as much effort as possible and didn’t feel anywhere near as sore or tight mid-session as I did previously. After about 5 minutes I moved onto the 80m sprints where I ran:

  • 11″11
  • 10″89
  • 11″25
  • 10″77
  • 10″76
  • 10″64
  • 11″03
  • 11″00

I was really pleased with how the sprints went after the plyometrics and I really did feel good during them apart from the last two reps. I’m feeling like my sprint training is starting to show some progress now I’ve dropped down on the mileage. I finished off with 2 laps jogging as a cool down.

Thursday – Circuit Training

Today was quite enjoyable. We went to Legoland Billund for the first time in about 5 years and it was quite a nostalgic experience for myself and my brothers. We had lots of fun on all the rides!

Friday – Steady Run

Today I simply did a steady 5.6 km run in the morning in 27 minutes. It felt weird to run and certain muscle fibres in my quads felt a bit ‘tight’.

Saturday – Rest Day

We were travelling back home from Denmark today, so I just rested.

Sunday – Steady Run

I ran for 40 minutes at a steady pace covering 8.5 km with an easy 0.7 km cool down where I continued running but slowed down. My legs were a bit sore from this run, likely because I haven’t run for 40 minutes straight in a while!

Weekly Mileage: 14.8 km / 9.2 miles

How was your training this week?