It hasn’t been the quickest week of training despite having less training this week. It’s been a bit disappointing, but I can’t let these sort of things bother me too much.

Monday – Plyometrics, Hurdle Drills and Medicine Ball Work

No running today, apart from for the warm up as my legs still felt a bit tight so I had some strength and conditioning work to do. The low level plyometrics involved bouncing up and down whilst keeping my legs as stiff as possible (no flex in the knee) in order to activate the glutes and hamstrings. After that, it was hurdle mobility where I went forwards and backwards over hurdles I had set to 84cm high and then some strength work with a medicine ball.

Wednesday – 2 x 1600m

I had 2 x 1600m on track today with 16 minutes recovery in between. Target pace was 70 seconds per lap for as long as I could. I managed to stay on target for the first 800m of my first 1600m, before slowing down to a pace which gave me 4:59 for the first rep. It wasn’t as quick as I wanted it to be, but it was (just) under 5 minutes so I was happy with that.

The second one was similar except I began to lose the pace after the first 400m and ended up with a 5:07. It was alright for a session, just not as fast as I had hoped for.

Thursday – 400m Repeats

Today was 4 x 400m with 90 seconds recovery in between, but before that, I had low level plyometrics and hurdle drills, the same as on Monday. Each 400m was to be done as fast as possible so it was evident that my times would slow down with only 90 seconds to recover. The 14kph headwind on the first 100m and the home straight were also horrible to deal with.

My times were:

  • 65.8 seconds
  • 66.8 seconds
  • 69.3 seconds
  • 70.7 seconds

Not as quick as I hoped for, but I really felt I was putting in my maximum effort so, despite the times, I felt good about them.

Sunday – Race Day

It was the third meet of the premier YDL today and I was doing the 1500m and 800m. My 1500m didn’t go so well today, finishing in 4:30.54. I was frustrated with myself because I know I didn’t run as fast I could’ve or should’ve done and I know that it’s an internal mental block which is making me afraid of running too fast at the start because I think I’ll fatigue completely in the final lap.

At least I did manage to take that anger and frustration out on my 800m though and pbĀ there even if it was only by 0.82 seconds to reach a time of 2:14.38, I was pleased with it.

Final Thoughts

Although I have had an easy week of training, I wasn’t able to execute well on my 1500m. A lot of my training has been based around me going off hard at a set pace or simply as hard as I can for each and every single rep. Now, I fully understand the reason behind it and it’s to help me conquer my fear of running hard at the start. I’ll really try and go as hard as I can on all of those sessions now so I can try and break this mental barrier holding me back.

How was your week training? Let me know down below!