It’s not been a great week for me.

I did a cold, lonely speed session on Monday.

Lots of barbell weights on Tuesday for the legs which absolutely wrecked them. I’ve only recently begun using weights at the gym and I can definitely feel the burn the next day after lifting.

Wednesday was a gentle 10km run with 10 hill sprints in between – not so bad.

Thursday and Friday, I rested and did no running for 48 hours, something highly unusual for me.

Saturday morning, the day of English Schools Cross Country I felt good but I was disappointed with coming 214th out of 312. I just don’t have the speed in me to fight for my position at the beginning of the race which cost me lots of valuable time because in these races 1 second can make up to 4 or even 5 places in some instances.

I’m going to take that race as something that can inspire me to become better – become stronger. I want to be as quick as all those runners who were up in the top 100. I want to be quicker. So now that cross country is over and the track season is soon due to start, I will be working on my speed training so when next year comes around, I will be up there will the quick runners.

I was eager to run – well maybe not eager, more that I had it in my head, that I had to do a long run each week to maintain my endurance, but my coach told me to take the day off and rest completely, even if I felt like I didn’t race as well as I could have done.

Now that all that is behind me, I’m going to look forth to the track and hope for some big improvements there.

Are you looking forward to the track season or will you be hitting the road?