We got up late this morning at around 10 am as it was our rest day. Coach got us doing chores around the house to clean up before the ITV man comes tomorrow to create a documentary featuring Souleyman Bah, a parathlete who is visually impaired and has come with us to train, so we ended up having a late brunch.


We headed down to the beach and relaxed there in the afternoon. Some of us ran into waves crashing against the shore, we did a couple of beach sprints against each other and wrote messages in the sand. It was very hard to sprint in the sand because of how the sand moves as you try to push off the ground. It adds extra strain to your ankles which can strengthen them, but also provides a higher risk of injury. When the Sun came out of the clouds, four of us went to do a photo shoot for Riari Apparel who helped sponsor our training trip.

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Running along the beach

After that, it was back home to cook dinner after shopping at Lidl which was pasta bolognese. Overall, it was a very restful day.

See some of the fun down below:

When was the last time you tried running in the sand?