Morning Run

After everyone absolutely being destroyed by press and sit in the morning’s, coach gave us a rest from it. Today we had a fartlek which is a steady run broken up by bursts of speed in the middle of it, followed by strength and conditioning in the afternoon.

We had an early run at 7 am because Marilyn’s training partner Rachel was going back early and had a flight to catch at midday so we went for an 8.5km fartlek. As part of our warm up we jogged the first 2km and then coach started telling us who was to take the lead during each 30 second sprint which were usually issued just before going uphill – we were to try and sprint so that we could hold their pace.

Each sprint was to be done flat out, I was quite happy with the sprint I did because for the first time I felt like I was actually flying – my pace increased drastically and despite typically coming last in sprints within the group, I managed to maintain a lead (okay, maybe one or two others were with me, managing my pace). It was hard navigating people and going around the bends, but part of the reason coach gave the order to accelerate before a bend is because in a race you don’t dictate when the pace changes so we have to learn to deal with that.


We stayed at the house watching the Commonwealth Games and then at around 4 pm we went onto do our strength and conditioning work which consisted of exercises such as:

  • Press ups
  • Squat thrusts
  • Glute-hamstring raises
  • Table tops
  • Crab walks
  • Double leg lowers

It was tough. By the end my glutes and hamstrings were absolutely burning; occasionally they felt like they were going to cramp during the exercises.

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Double leg lowers

After that, Maz decided that she would stay with us for dinner so we went to Lidl to buy food (6kg of chicken thigh!) and she kindly decided to prepare dinner for us; chicken thighs, sweet potato mash, (I think) ratatouille, steamed cabbage and garlic bread.

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Garlic bread, ratatouille, chicken, steamed cabbage and mashed sweet potato

It was very filling, leaving me absolutely stuffed.

See it all down below:

What do you like to do for your strength and conditioning work?