After going to bed so late last night coach gave us a lie in so I got up at 8:50 am. I was sort of – okay I was dreading doing press and sit this morning since he was bumping up the difficulty – now it was 100 clap press ups and 200 v-sits. Hopefully, he would forget. I felt strongly inclined to start straight away because I knew I would take a long time, but I decided to wait until everyone was up in case he asked me to do them again.

When everyone was up, I sort of tried to convince him to let me do the chest to floor press ups instead, but coach was like ‘No, clap press ups and v-sits. Everyone, you can time it but it might take some of you half an hour. If your form is poor I’ll give you a warning and then at the end of your ten sets, I’ll tell you how many more you have to do.’

I started doing them and as usual, I sort of fell behind. The clap press ups were the hardest for me and when I was doing set 3, I was thinking, if this was me on my own I would probably stop now.

But I couldn’t stop.

Sometimes I would have to do two clap press ups and then rest – sometimes one. However, I found that during set 6 and 7 I could do five consecutive clap press ups in a row, especially if coach was there watching me and motivating me and at that point, the v-sits became the hardest part for me. I focused on my form because I feared having to do extra sets. Thankfully I got none and I wasn’t the last to finish either.

We did chores in the morning such as dishes and sweeping to tidy up the house and then prepared breakfast together and ate together before discussing the training for the rest of the day.

Track Session

We were meant to leave for the track at 1 pm, but we delayed our journey due to the rain so by the time we got to the track it was hot and sunny.

My session for today was 3 sets of:

  • 600m (2 mins recovery)
  • 300m (6 mins recovery)

Followed by 5 laps of strides.

The 600m was tough for me and my legs quadriceps felt like they were seizing up. As for the 300m, I aimed to go through 200m in 30 seconds and then continue to 300m however painful it was.

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Louis gave me a good kick on the last 600m

I felt like when I was running there was perhaps a mental barrier that was preventing me from ‘kicking’ and picking up speed at the end of each rep, but hopefully over time as I continue this speed development training, I will develop this kick.

Afterwards, we did hurdle mobility drills to help release the glutes and improve hip mobility and then went to Lidl for shopping and back to the house.


I didn’t cook tonight so I spent a bit of time in the cold pool, just over knee deep for recovery and nibbled on vegetables and fruits as I waited for a late dinner (this is very difficult for me as I am used to eating dinner between 6 pm and 8 pm, but now sometimes dinner is after 10 pm, so I went into the cold pool just above knee deep to try and help with my recovery.

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Chicken in salsa sauce with peppers, onions and tomatoes (and wraps alongside)

Dinner was chicken fajitas with salsa sauce, vegetables and rice. Afterwards, we watched parts of the Commonwealth Games before going to sleep.

See what happened down below:

What events are you most interested in watching in the Commonwealth Games?