This post will go through my experience at the Watford Open Meetings in 2019 and will be updated after each race. Watford is a great place to run because of its sheltered track and the large amount of athletes that come to compete against others of similar ability making it a great place to run to achieve personal bests. The races are held on a Wednesday evening starting from around 7 pm onwards.

Watford Open Meets 2019

15th May – 800m (Heat 11)

After a lonely race at Bedfordshire County Champs the previous Sunday, I was ready to run fast and to try and achieve a time of 2:10. I felt good in the lead up to the race, but my biggest mistake was made at the start of the gun.

The gun went and I immediately found myself at the back. My problem is I wait for people to react before responding and I need to get out of that habit because it’s costing me big time. I worked my way through the first 200m trying to unbox myself and tried to get around the other runners in lane 2. I began to push at the 200m mark so I could get into lane one, but another runner on the inside was also trying to do the same so I was stuck. Approaching the 100m straight on the first lap I was able to get past a few runners and ran the first lap in about 62 seconds.

I told myself I had to hang tight because this was where it was going to get difficult. At the 500m mark, I could feel myself struggling and in the last 150m I tried to kick, or at the very least maintain my speed finishing in 2:11.76. I had hoped for faster, but it’s a personal best so I should be happy with it since it’s progress and I know I could’ve run faster if I’d run the race better at the start.

Did you run at any Watford open meetings this season? Let me know in the comments!