I had my first race of the year and first race on an indoor running track today – very different to running outdoors. I didn’t have many expectations going into the race, I just hoped for a pb which meant running faster than 2:13.67.

Race Morning

I went to sleep at around 10 pm the night before and got up at 6 am to have an early breakfast. Beforehand, I also went for 5 minute jog, incorporating 2 strides into my jog and I felt good.

When I got to Lee Valley where the race was taking place, I jogged for 10 minutes before doing my drills and strides. I felt slightly anxious and wasn’t sure what to expect from the race. Now I could see the track I knew it would be more difficult to run on – there were more bends and there were raised banks to run on.

South of England U20 Champs – 800m Heat 2

I was positioned in lane 6 and after being called up, did a stride to my start position. I focused on trying to calm myself and feel at ease. I heard ‘on your marks’ and put my foot to the line. Then I thought for a moment, ‘do they say “get set?”‘. This had me slightly uneasy. I found out the next second when the gun went off and I had a terrible start. My reaction was extremely delayed and the runner in lane 5 had almost caught me by the first second.

I tried to maintain a steady pace up and round the first bend, breaking into lane 1 after the flags. There was a distance between me and the lead pack, but it wasn’t moving. The first lap was in 30 seconds which was very quick for me, but by 300m fatigue began to kick in. The gap between myself and the lead pack opened up further and further. 400m I did in 63 seconds, 600m in 1:41 and I finished in 2:19.

And that was my South of England Indoor 800m champs over with!

Final Thoughts

I’ll tell you this if you haven’t run indoors before. It is a lot harder than you realise. The banks make your legs feel like they are working unevenly and it got to the point where I was unsure whether I would be able to stay in lane 1 without my foot touching the inside white line (which would lead to disqualification).

I’m not going to dwell too much on the race as it is early into my sprint development which I only started at the beginning of the year.

Onwards and upwards I say!

And well done to Yusuf Bizimana for winning the finals!

Did you race this weekend? Let me know down below!