My 2nd race of 2019 today at Lee Valley once again for Eastern & Essex Indoor 1500m Champs! I was feeling really good prior to this race and was definitely looking at running at least 4:30 for 1500m.

Race Morning

I got between 8 – 9 hours sleep the night before which was good and in the morning I went for 4 minute jog, incorporating 2 strides into my jog.

At Lee Valley, I did a 2k jog warm up before doing drills and strides beforehand. Then I headed to the call room 15 minutes before my race and I saw I’d be up against 4 other runners.

Eastern & Essex U20M Champs – 1500m Final

We lined up on the startline and got ready to run. BANG!

I made sure to start off quick, but very shortly decided to hold back. The pace that everyone was running at, I judged to be too quick for me to maintain without likely having to slow down considerably later on into the race.

I moved into 4th place 300m in, and after that, the gap between 4th and 3rd didn’t seem to move much. I only really began to push on the final lap as I would in an outdoor race – except one lap indoors is 200m and one lap outdoors is 400m which gives me nowhere near enough time to try and close down a 30m gap.

Upon finishing the race I realised I wasn’t as tired or exhausted as my rivals and could’ve possibly pushed myself harder. I wish I began to push with about 500m to go without worrying about the consequences if I couldn’t catch 3rd.

The winning time was 4:04 and I finished in 4:36.

Final Thoughts

Now that I’ve got myself a 1500m time as a benchmark for 2019 I want to be able to be a bit more ‘reckless’ and daring in races without worrying about ‘slowing down’ by running faster than usual at the beginning, because I think I really need to learn to take these risks if I want to develop and push my limits.

I’m still quite happy with my time although I do have regrets about my race decisions as I haven’t been doing much – if any endurance work to prepare me for 1500m and I was within 10 seconds of my pb from last year (and running indoors is more difficult).

Well done to everyone who raced this weekend!

Did you race this weekend? Let me know down below!