This morning I felt relatively good and started the day with a 2k jog and some strides before a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, some steamed vegetables and a banana afterwards. It was around 20°C with a fair bit of cloud cover which was rather nice although the wind was a bit strong at 10mph. The 5th and final league match at home in Bedford and I had 3 races today: 800m, 400m and 1500m.

800m Race

I did a steady 3k jog followed by drills and strides and felt ready to race, but was wary of going out too hard. The first 200m was probably around 30 seconds at which point I may have made a mistake by slowing down slightly and losing that speed because I was afraid of what might happen if I tried to maintain the speed like at the Watford Open Meeting last Wednesday, so my first lap slowed to 64 seconds. I tried to keep running strong despite being last by at least 50m or so, but the gap kept building. I was at 600m in 1:38 and from there I was running into the headwind and finished in 2:14.1. Whilst I was disappointed with my performance there, I think it would’ve been possible for me to pb if it hadn’t been as windy. I’m sure I could have run faster, but I had hardly anyone to run with as the rest of the runners in that race ran 2:02 and under.

400m Race

I didn’t do much of a warm up for this race as it was 50 minutes after my 800m, just a ten minute jog with some drills and a couple of strides. I tried to run fast at the sound of the gun, but I was left behind so quickly (and expectedly) and whilst I got to 200m in around 30 seconds, the last 200m was once again a struggle going into the headwind and I finished in 61.3 seconds which is technically a pb so although I’m sure I can run faster, I should still be happy with it.

1500m Race

A 2k jog for this race as a warm up before with a good set of drills and strides prior to racing. I didn’t have big expectations for this race, having run two races beforehand. It was still windy although the Sun had decided to come out of hiding for the race.

The first lap went out slowly in 71/72 seconds. I tried to maintain the pace but was getting a bit slower with each passing lap. The lead group broke off and fought against each other whilst I battled another non-scorer who had also fallen behind. In the end, I finished in around 4:37 which was what I’d say around average. Not too bad of a time.

I wish I had managed to run faster in my 800m and 400m, but what’s done is done today and I’ll just have to work on improving those times from now on for next season.

Did you race this weekend? If so how did you do?