I felt refreshed this morning and went out for an easy 2km jog with some strides in the middle. Today’s league match, the final one of the season, was at Allianz Park, which was closer to home so I could lie in for longer to get to the coach for 9:15 instead of 8:15.

Today the onslaught of heat we’d been receiving the past two weeks or so was replaced by wet, rainy weather and strong winds. Not ideal.

I was given my number on the coach and it said my 1500m was at 12:10 so I prepared myself to warm up for that time. However, I soon found out that the women’s 1500m was at 12:10 and the under 20 men’s 1500m was at 11:50!

I had managed to squeeze in a decent 13 minute jog followed by drills, but I hadn’t done any strides and I felt rushed. The official was pretty much asking us to be on the start line as I was lacing up my spikes!

1500m Race

I was ‘B’ string and Cameron Gillies was ‘A’ string. I was planted firmly in the middle of the start line and the gun went off. I was going to go with the pace without trying to over exert myself. Last time, I was too conservative and ran the first lap in 72 seconds. That was not happening today.

The pace felt rather quick, yet I stuck with it hanging at the back. It turned out the first lap was done in 66 seconds for me – the quickest first lap ever for me in a 1500m. I felt like I was maintaining the hard level of effort I had exerted on the first lap, but my time was drastically slower with a 2:18 800m time, which meant the second lap was 72 seconds. Ouch.

I was second from last and continued to push to the bell for the last lap where the clock showed 3:13 – 3 seconds quicker than any other time. I hoped this meant I could run at least 3 seconds faster than my pb. At around 270m, I was overtaken. I tried to overtake the guy in front of me on the inside, but that would mean cutting inside the track so I decreased my stride length slightly to avoid spiking the runner in front and overtook on the outside.

In the last 200m, I overtook both runners but then they both surged past me again on the final 100m. I tried to kick, but I found the strength to kick too late. I just wish I kicked earlier and pushed harder.

My final time was 4:26.76 which was a 0.49 second pb. I was disappointed that I didn’t manage to get sub 4:25, but in the windy conditions that we were facing today and the fact that I didn’t manage to properly complete my warm up, I’m pretty satisfied with my time because it feels so much better mentally to have a pb even if it would be by 0.1 seconds than to run a bit slower.

800m Race

I jogged 2km as a warmup and could feel my legs felt drained from the 1500m. They certainly weren’t used to going off at 66 second lap pace and trying to (unsuccessfully) hold on.

I was ‘A’ string for this despite our ‘B’ string having a faster pb than me. In the end, it didn’t even matter since we had low enough numbers (most likely due to horrible conditions) to merge both races together.

The gun went and I ran off as hard and solidly as I could whilst maintaining contact with the pack. I was struggling a bit, but determined to hold on. The first lap was done in 62 seconds. That was quick for me. In my head I was telling myself, just do the next lap in 70 seconds – get a 2:12 and I’ll be happy.

I absolutely fell to pieces on the last lap. I was struggling to maintain and all the other runners had ditched me. At 600m I was wishing the race was over. I tried to pull myself together to handle the last 200m as best as I could which was a struggle, since as I came into the final 100m there was no one to shield me from the headwind.

I finished with a time of 2:14.67 which is only marginally slower than my pb – 2:14.38. I was still really pleased with the time given my first lap was so quick, and looking back on the race, I did enjoy it. I only wish I could’ve held on for longer.

Overall, I’m pleased with how my races went, taking into consideration the blustery conditions.

Did you race this weekend? How did it go?