I felt well rested today and had a 1500m at Colchester in the Southern Athletics League. I did an easy 2km run with some strides to get myself focused, had a good breakfast and got on the coach. My 1500m race was at 3:20, so I had plenty of time to prepare as we arrived early on at 10:30. The weather was hotter than desirable at 25°C.

For my warm up, I did a 15 minute jog including strides followed by drills. I felt ready and focused to run hard and fast on the track today.

1500m Race

I was A string, so was positioned 4th from the inside. I was determined to pb today (my pb is 4:27.25) and go off at a pace between 68 and 70 seconds because last time I let myself feel far too relaxed on the first lap and paid the price for it. My second and main goal was to hit a time of 4:20. Today, I was not going to let that happen. I was going to go off hard and not sit at the back like usual.


I set off hard with intentions of not being shoved to the back. I found myself in 4th out of the field of 11 runners and was immediately surprised. The pace fell quickly after 150m and fell back to 5th. I maintained my position in the pack, but upon realising the pace was probably too slow, I attempted to move out and overtake at the 300m mark, making my way through lane 2 towards the front. But then they surged, right before 400m. The first split was painful to hear: 74 seconds. I knew the pace had slowed down far too much after the first 150m.

I picked up the pace, attempting to remain in contention with the group of 4 ahead of me, but they were slowly breaking away. At around 700m I began to close the gap again. I heard the split for 800m: 2:23. Good, I had managed to make up the time lost, but not without the cost of fatiguing my legs. I closed the gap further down up to 1100m where I had a split of 3:15. Then they kicked, leaving in the dust. I just pushed and pushed and pushed as much as I could, screaming at my legs to run faster when I could hear someone behind me to finish in 4:28.1.

Final Thoughts

Whilst I didn’t hit any of my targets, I wasn’t disappointed with my time considering my first lap was considerably slower than desired. I definitely feel like I should have managed a pb, but I won’t let the disappointment affect me and will continue to train hard as always for my next race.

Did you race this weekend? How did it go? Let me know down below!