Today was the 3rd Southern Athletics League match at St Alban’s. This time I was competing in the 800m, 400m and 200m, hoping for pb’s in all of them!

The following clubs were competing in the Southern Athletics League Division 2 West at St Alban’s today:

3rd League Match – Southern Athletics League 2019

Pre-Race Preparation

In the morning I went out for a 2 km jog before breakfast which consisted of eggs, vegetables, chicken (from the previous night) and a couple of cups of coffee before driving down to St Alban’s.

800m Race

I did a 2 km jog followed by drills and strides before getting ready to race. I was ‘B’ scorer and there were 7 of us in the race. I ran the first 200m strong in around 32 seconds, but at the end of the first lap, I was on 65 seconds which was probably a bit too slow. I tried to speed up from there and kick on the last 150m, but I got overtaken by two people and finished in 2’13.8″. I didn’t think too much about it since it was windy as well and moved onto my next race.

400m Race

About an hour later I had my 400m race. I did a 1.8 km jog which acted as my cooldown for the 800m and warm up for the 400m. I was in lane 5 which wasn’t ideal for me.

The gun went off and I managed to start off at what felt like a fast pace, but I was probably a bit too tense in my shoulders. The last 100m was a struggle as lactic acid pooled in my muscles, but I finished in 60.3″ which is devastatingly close to one my targets which is to run sub 60″ for 400m with my main target being to run 58.9″ by the end of the season. It was a pb by 0.28″ so I’m still happy with it!

200m Race

At 3:20 pm I had my 200m race. I felt like I got out fast and finished strong despite being last, but I was probably feeling fatigue from the 800m and 400m beforehand. Nevertheless, I ran 27.9″ which was a pb by 0.2″ so I had more to be happy about even if it was only a slight improvement!

Post-Race Reflection

Whilst the 800m didn’t go as well as I hoped, I’m not going to dwell too much on the bad races and just keep consistent with my training and hard work and I believe one 800m race I will have a breakthrough! The 400m and 200m were little steps in the right direction and it’s always satisfying to see a little ‘pb’ mark next to your result on the Power of 10 so I look forward to those being officially uploaded. As well as that, conditions weren’t ideal with it being quite windy so there’s a lot to improve on!

Did you race this weekend and how did you get on?