Running is a great exercise that anyone can take part in. It has powerful physical, mental and social health benefits which everyone can benefit from. Even if you’re not interested in exercise, here are a few reasons why you should run.

Why You Should Run

#1 – You’re In Control

When you run, you choose how far, what speed and how long you run for. You’re in control. So if you’re feeling tired or overwhelmed you can cut your run short. If you feel exceptionally good during a run then maybe you’ll decide to push your limits and run for another ten minutes. Ultimately, you choose the intensity of your run.

#2 – Improve Physical Health

When it comes to improving your physical health running is a great way to do so. It improves aerobic function, circulation, cognitive function, muscular strength (to a limited extent), muscular endurance and more. You can stay fit for a long time by simply running often and consistently. Add in some strength training to work on your arms and you’ll be working the majority of the muscles in your body to stay fit and physically healthy. This is great, especially for maintaining muscle as you age, just make sure you do add in that strength work!

#3 – Destress And Detach

Running allows you to fully detach from your environment and surroundings and focus on you. Your mind can wander, you can have deep conversations with yourself and just get some time to yourself to think or ponder whatever you’d like. It’s a great way to destress, especially for those of us who feel chronically stressed. Running is a way of having ‘me time’ which is important for anyone’s wellbeing. I know I certainly feel better after a run – I’m sure you will too.

#4 – To Socialise

No matter where you go in the world you’re likely to find people running. Lots of people run every day and many choose to make running a social occasion by running with others, joining a running group or a running club. Making running a social experience can make running more fun and appealing as an activity. To those who think running is a chore, adding a social aspect can make it more fun, competitive and a good way to catch up with others.

#5 – Give Yourself A Goal

Running is a great way to give yourself a goal. Lots of recreational and competitive runners get joy out of training for a race and trying to achieve a goal. For some, it’s just to simply complete the distance of the race such as a 10km run or a half marathon. For others, it’s about trying to win or to complete the course in a set time. Giving yourself a goal creates a sense of accomplishment upon achieving it which feels great and it also means that you don’t feel like you’re running without an aim. With a goal, you have something to train for. You have a reason to run.

#6 – You Can Do It Anywhere

You can run pretty much anywhere. Even if you’re locked up in a room you can run or jog on the spot although personally I hate running or jogging on the spot.

There’s almost no excuse not to run since it’s a sustainable way of keeping yourself fit. It helps to improve your cardiovascular health, core muscles and leg strength. So if you’re at home you can run, if you’re at work you can run during your lunch break and even if you’re on the other side of the world on holiday, you can still run.

#7 – You’re Not Dependent On Anyone

Running is an independent activity. You don’t need to rely on others like you would for team sports to show up and ensure practice occurs. You can run whenever you want, wherever you want (maybe not on private property).

Ultimately, this also means that if you want to keep improving your running fitness, you’re going to need to have that resolve to run on a regular basis whether you have someone to run with or not. Even on those winter days where it’s dark in the morning and when you get home from work.

#8 – To Inspire The Next Generation

Whether it’s your children or the teenagers in the park, by running you can inspire the next generation to also pick up running. The fact is that as a planet, our health is on the decline globally. We are getting lazier and less active. The more people that get up and running, the more likely we are to run. Run to inspire the next generation to run, even if it’s only to keep fit.

Especially when you have children, by taking measures to keep fit such as by running frequently, you can help to instil healthy habits within them from a young age. Children learn from copying not listening so if you want your children to be fit try to lead by example.

Thanks for reading, if you found this post informative please help share the message so you can get more people out there and running!

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