Improving your health all begins with changing habits and routines and one that can benefit you is working out. However, it can be tough to start working out on a regular basis without the right mindset, structure and goals so here’s my take on how to start working out in a consistent, sustainable manner in which you can enjoy yourself.

How To Start Working Out

Before someone says that it’s easy and all you have to do is go to the gym or run three times a week, I think it’s more important to make sure that the one starting working out enjoys the process of exercising or training, and this is how I’d go about it.

1) Pick A Physical Activity You Enjoy

Think about every physical activity that you could possibly take part in. What can you imagine yourself enjoying? Is it football where you work together as a team to get the ball into the goal so you can celebrate? Maybe you live near the sea and really like the idea of surfing and think it’d be a fun activity to get involved in. Or perhaps you’d really like to experience the feeling of being able to run fast for a long period of time without feeling tired.

2) Make Sure The Physical Activity Is Accessible

There’s no point in saying you want to surf if you have to drive 50 miles to the seaside every time to do it. There’s no way you can do it on a regular basis unless you haveĀ a lot of free time which most of us don’t have if you’re working regular hours. Make sure you can take part in the physical activity on a regular basis and if it depends on other people, change your schedule so you’re available during those hours, for example, make yourself free at 10 am on a Saturday morning for over 50s football practice.

3) Start Small And Progress Slowly

Resist the urge to give everything you got in every single workout and start off small. If you haven’t exercised hard for a while, it will take your body time to adapt and get used to the physical activity, particularly if you’re using muscle groups which haven’t been exerted for the last few months or longer.

4) Allow Yourself To Enjoy The Workouts

By starting off small and progressing slowly, you give yourself some time to think instead of trying to exert yourself as hard as possible. With this time to think, let yourself enjoy the workouts. Enjoy the physical activity and pushing your body hard to get stronger (but not too hard initially). Find fun in socialising with other people – enjoy whatever aspect of the workouts you can.

5) Expect To Fail

This may seem counterintuitive, but expecting to fail means that you won’t judge yourself or panic if you miss a planned work out or group practice whereas many would panic and try to squeeze in an extra workout which is generally not a good idea, particularly if you’re not well-conditioned. It can lead to further physical fatigue and potentially mental or physical burnout early on when trying to make working out an enjoyable part of your life. So if you miss a workout, just pick it up again the next day with whatever you had planned and don’t worry about it.

6) Get Involved With Others

Working out is more fun and enjoyable when you do it with others. When you decide to start working out instead of doing it alone, try and join a social group or club. You can still workout alone, but having others who are taking part in the same activity as you can make working out all the more fun and motivating. Runners will talk to each other about their progress in training and races and give each other advice to help you improve. At the same time, during group training sessions there’s something unique and powerful when it comes to bonding when gritting your teeth through an arduous workout and making it out alive.

7) Commit For 60 Days

When you decide to start working out, tell yourself to commit for 60 days regardless of what happens (unless you’re physically injured or unable to take part). This should give you enough time to figure out whether keeping up the physical activity for longer will be a sustainable process which you can enjoy or it may tell you that the activity isn’t for you and perhaps you should switch to another physical activity in which you can start working out and improving your fitness.

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