There’s a big scare around Coronavirus. It’s a very real threat, but apart from social distancing, there are other ways you can boost your immunity to the disease and mitigate the symptoms. It’s possible to get coronavirus and have few symptoms (it could pass over you quite quickly, almost unnoticed). It’s also possible to get coronavirus and end up in the emergency room (worst case scenario).

Disclaimer: I’m not a physician, doctor or medically trained. All opinions and ‘tips’ are based on my thoughts and knowledge on what I’ve researched.

Coronavirus Tips – Boost Your Immunity


When it comes to your immune system, sleep is a very powerful regulator of immune function. Without adequate sleep you’re more likely to binge eat, overreact, have increased susceptibility to stress and be tired, all of which can compound and have further detrimental effects on your immune system.

To optimise your immune system try to go to sleep and wake at the same time each day and allow yourself to get the sleep you need, ideally without an alarm clock. Many of us are currently self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic which means we can work from home. Utilise this and sort your sleep out without worrying about an alarm.

Go and get that high quality sleep!


To improve your health and keep your immune system in top shape you’re going to want to ensure you’re obtaining all the nutrients, especially micronutrients, that your body needs to carry out basic physiological functions.

Aim to eat foods rich in nutrients such as sardines, salmon, liver, bone broth, watercress, kale, spinach, nuts (in moderation), dairy, berries, eggs, meat and more to fuel your body with the micronutrients it needs.

Less sugar will also help since we tend to eat far more sugar than our body needs which actually disrupts homeostasis after a meal more than we need to, so try and cut out any high sugar foods or save them for the end of a meal when the postprandial glucose response will be lessened.

Don’t forget to also keep hydrated so your body can continue to carry out its basic metabolic functions.


Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and bolster the power of the immune system. However, there are concerns that perhaps we should be exercising less for fears of social contact.

If anything,¬†intense exercise will temporarily make you more susceptible to illness. That doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at a light or moderate intensity. We’re talking less than 75% of your max heart rate for cardio. For lifting weights, you can reduce the total load of what you’re lifting by doing less reps or decreasing the weight lifted.

For those who are avoiding the gym (or their gym is shut), there’s no reason why you can’t do a bodyweight workout at home or in the park. Do some push ups, pull ups, planks, tricep dips, squats, crunches – figure out what works the muscles you want to target and do those exercises!

Bonus points if you can get out in the Sun and get some vitamin D.

Wash Your Hands

Cleanliness and washing hands frequently is being shouted about everywhere so I won’t go into much detail here. Just wash your hands frequently with soap. Especially if you’ve been to the gym or touched anything you think might be dirty such as money.

Minimise Stress

Chronic stress has been known to compromise the immune system which is why we should make an effort to keep stress levels low from a physical, cognitive and emotional standpoint.

  • Less exercise or less intensity (but not none)
  • Less mentally stressful tasks e.g. those you might encounter at work
  • Better control over your emotions and how you react

It’s important and we should do our bit to support those around us to help minimise their stress levels too.

Social Distancing

Minimise social contact where possible. You don’t need to hibernate in your home for the rest of the spring (maybe summer), but perhaps make an effort to shop less frequently, not go out clubbing and spend less time in restaurants.

We all need to do it to protect each other.

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