You may have heard of skyr. It’s similar to Greek yoghurt except it’s got a higher protein content, minimal fat content and low sugar content. 100g skyr contains about 60 – 70 calories which makes it an extremely protein-dense snack, making it perfect for those seeking to increase their protein intake.

Skyr – High Protein Snack

What Is Skyr?

Skyr is a dairy product which originated in Iceland. It’s slowly becoming more and more popular worldwide. People are consuming skyr as part of a high-protein breakfast, as a snack between meals or a healthier dessert. It’s being used to curb sugar cravings, by providing a bit of sweetness in the form of a low calorie, high-volume food.

It greatly resembles yoghurt, although it has a slightly thicker texture. Skyr is produced by:

  1. Removing cream from skim milk.
  2. Warming the milk.
  3. Adding live cultures of bacteria.
  4. Allowing the product to thicken.
  5. Straining the product to remove the whey protein.

So skyr is actually a probiotic, providing your gut with ‘good’ bacteria. Whilst skyr is sold ‘plain’ there are also many flavoured varieties out there with a bit more sugar such as vanilla, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, honey and blueberry flavour.

When it comes to skyr, Arla is probably my favourite company. They sell a wide range of skyr products in large and small tubs and even drink cartons.

Nutrient Profile

The nutrient profile is skyr is rather versatile containing lots of protein, minerals and vitamins whilst having low sugar and fat content.

A 100g serving of plain skyr contains about:

  • Calories: 65
  • Fat: 0.2g
  • Carbohydrate: 4g
  • Sugars: 4g
  • Protein: 11g
  • Along with the minerals and vitamins: phosphorus, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B12 and potassium.

Skyr tends to be the dairy product with the highest protein content for the number of calories it contains. Greek yoghurt in comparison contains between 7g and 8g protein per 100g whilst containing about 100 calories.

Because of this, at one point during my time as a young athlete, I would consume skyr as a post-training snack to make sure my body obtained the protein it needed to recover.

Reasons To Choose Skyr

  • Skyr is becoming more and more available worldwide so it is easier to choose as a protein snack.
  • It comes in a range of tubs and sizes from 150g tubs to 1kg tubs. This means if you’re on the go you can just grab a little tub and eat out of that (bring a spoon though!)
  • They come in a variety of different flavours so you’re sure to find one that you like!
  • The high protein content makes it a great snack to keep you full.
  • Although there’s not much sugar, the sugars and protein make it great for refuelling post-workout.
  • It has a reduced lactose content due to the bacteria within skyr consuming the lactose sugars. About 90% of the lactose is consumed, so it may provide a good dairy option for those who are lactose intolerant.

Benefits Of Skyr

#1 – High In Protein

Skyr is produced using 3 – 4 times as much milk as yoghurt which gives it a rather high protein content. Protein has been shown to be beneficial for weight management by increasing feelings of fullness and decreasing hunger and is useful in helping to preserve muscle mass whilst losing weight. This can make it a useful snack when trying to lose weight since by decreasing your appetite naturally.

#2 – Protects Against Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease where your bones become thinner and weaker. Calcium is an essential nutrient for bone health, with 99% of the calcium in your body being used to form your bones and teeth. Increased calcium intake has been shown to increase bone mass density and bone growth which can help prevent osteoporosis. As a dairy product, skyr contains a lot of calcium making it a good snack to consume to ensure your bones are strong and healthy.

#3 – Aids Blood Sugar Control

Lots of snacks are high in sugar, but skyr is high in protein and lower in sugar than most snacks which may help to control blood sugar levels. High blood glucose levels from sugary snacks cause an insulin spike so that the glucose can be shuttled into your cells to be used for energy, but when carbohydrate intake is consistently high, this process becomes less efficient and impaired. Consuming protein helps to slow the absorption of carbohydrates resulting in better blood sugar control and controlled blood glucose levels.

Perfect For Athletes

By athletes, I mean any human being that is training. That means even the adult who goes out for a jog once a week counts as an athlete. The high-protein content in skyr makes it a great choice for athletes after training to help ensure your body has the protein it needs to allow your muscles and connective tissues to repair and recover and adapt to your training so you can get faster, fitter and stronger!

Ways To Enjoy Skyr

If you’ve gotten into eating skyr on a regular basis and are looking for some ways to zing up your skyr, here are some suggestions: check out this post where I give some suggestions on how you can incorporate skyr into your diet and make each spoonful of skyr a delightful one!

  • Mix cacao or cocoa powder with skyr.
  • Add honey to skyr and mix.
  • Mix berries or sliced fruit with skyr.
  • Add to an omelette instead of cheese.
  • Sprinkle some nuts into your skyr.

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