It’s been a light week for me in terms of mileage. After racing at Reading last weekend, I went down to training on Monday. It was supposed to be a light session with weights, but I wasn’t used to lifting so when I woke up Tuesday morning my legs were aching from doing cleans, squats and a few 80kg deadlifts. Due to this, I was given rest days on Tuesday and Wednesday to fully recover from racing and the weight training.

Thursday I was down at the track doing repeats from 500m down to 200m.

500 (83.7) 500 (87.4) 400 (66.4) 300 (51.0) 300 (51.7) 200 (32.1) 200 (33.2)

Altogether, I was pleased with the session except for the 300’s which were a bit slow. It was also pointed out to me that my form towards the end of each rep was poor and that by working on my technique I could stop wasting so much energy when running.

I rested again on Friday and then on Saturday did some lifting in the morning before doing 6 flat out hill sprints with 5 minutes recovery. I managed to remain fairly consistent on each hill (+/- 1 second per rep) and then on Sunday, I had another rest day to recover from all the explosive force that I’ve been putting my legs through because the muscle building happens in the rest and recovery.

Hopefully, I can have another good week of training and be a bit quicker when doing reps on track but I’m not expecting to do so much as I have Bedfordshire county track and field champs this weekend!

How has your week been running or training?